The Achilles Heel Between Dems And Republicans Is That Liberals Don’t Quit; They Have No Shame

Some people—call let’s them decent human beings—will stop what they’re doing as soon as they realize it’s wrong or hurtful to others and won’t continue to do it in the future. Democrats are the next group.

Democrats appear to reside in a world where harming others is not only frequent, but eventually, you have to conclude that it serves as their sole motivation. You can’t keep punching someone in the face without making other people wonder if you might be doing it on purpose. Democrats routinely kick and punch their small-dollar contributors and voters in the groin while alternating between the two.

Small donations, or “grassroots,” as they like to refer to them, are treated in a way that is intellectually cruel and shameless. Even while the who endeavor’s shamelessness is so comical that it’s hard to care how cognitively damaging it truly is, it’s still interesting to watch.


One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the left’s campaign to empty their supporters’ pockets of everything in them (and maybe in them, given that they’re willing to accept donations on high interest credit cards), never ends. In “The Terminator,” Kyle Reese’s line, “Listen, and understand,” about those killing machines, precisely captured how these individuals are. That Terminator is out there; it cannot be reasoned with, bargained with, or moved by sympathy, regret, or fear; and it will not stop until you are dead… EVER!

That encapsulates Democrats’ desire for money perfectly.

Whatever your opinion of what will likely happen in the Georgia run-off election on Tuesday, Democrats will not stop or even pause when it comes to raising money and defaming Republicans following it. Republicans might learn a few things from these individuals. Republicans need to be more prepared than Democrats are for those eventualities. Democrats will seamlessly switch to fundraising for 2024 and building up a war chest for whatever openings occur between now and then, and history tells us there will be a few. People resign, die, get other jobs, and go to jail (though not as frequently as they deserve to up there).

Everything on the left leapt into action to utilise it as the Georgia run-off drew near. I used the word “use it” because that’s what they did; I highly doubt they actually spent all—or in many cases, any—of the funds they gathered in support of that Senate race on the contest itself. However, they have ample funds in their bank accounts and are prepared to strike Republicans at every opportunity.

It’s an ongoing campaign, or more precisely, an ongoing smear operation. The “walking around money” will be used to treat left-leaning media outlets and reporters to fine meals. NBC News personnel who would normally be unlikable and unattractive are fed and charmed while receiving hints that “maybe this can lead to sex at some point in the future” to guide and mold news. I’m not charging Democrats or NBC News “journalists” of being whores or Johns. Because prostitutes and Johns both make money, it’s only the mutually beneficial relationship that repulses me. However, I do consider them to be prostitutes and Johns, to be completely honest.

There will be a never-ending torrent of emails pleading for money till tomorrow night, urgently trying to persuade idiots and widows that their last-minute contribution could make a difference in Georgia. A donation made at this moment has no effect on the outcome of the election. Democrats don’t care that the public is unaware of this, though, as all they worry about is getting their hands on as much money as possible.

There will be emails sent out after tomorrow night discussing various recounts taking place across the nation and how they are “fighting” to “count every vote”! Thereafter, Donald Trump will say something, House Republicans will introduce a bill, Republicans will exist, or whatever, and there will be a caps lock emergency that people will keep expressing in an effort to stop them, or something.

Democrats have no sense of shame and never let reality (or decency) get in the way of their goals. Democrats might benefit from some of that (the relentlessness, not the lack of decency). Instead, unless they crash and burn like Kanye, they’re more inclined to copy the latest star to casually remark anything that could be interpreted as conservative. You don’t ever need to wonder why our party consistently loses; all you need to do is observe that Republicans live in a country of phony, pointless starts, while Democrats never give up.





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