House Republican Submits Motion To Remove Rep. Ilhan Omar From House Seat!

On Tuesday, Representative Max Miller submitted a motion to have Representative Ilhan Omar removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee due to her anti-semitic comments. Minnesota Democrat and progressive “Squad” member Ilhan Omar has angered Republican politicians and centrist Democrats with anti-Semitic comments she made in the past.

In retaliation for the Democrats’ decision to remove two Republican lawmakers, Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Paul Gosar of Arizona, from all of their committee assignments in the previous Congress, GOP leadership has long promised it would hold a vote to remove her from the panel when their party regained control of the Houses.


Republican Representative Jeff Miller of Ohio, one of the few Jews in Congress, introduced a resolution calling for Omar’s removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee because of her remarks: “Whereas Representative Omar’s comments have brought dishonor to the House of Representatives: Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the following named member be, and is hereby removed from the following standing committee of the House of Representatives: Committee on Foreign Affairs.”

Mr. Miller claimed in a statement that Ms. Omar had used anti-semitic stereotypes and “attempted to damage the relationship between the United States and Israel, one of the most vital strategic relationships we have. As a result, she can no longer serve on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

He insisted that the decision to oust had nothing to do with politics or “a tit-for-tat with the Democrats.” It’s obvious that Congresswoman Omar is biased towards Israel and the Jewish people, therefore she can’t make impartial decisions on the Foreign Affairs Committee, he added.

Last week, Speaker Kevin McCarthy removed two other Democrats from their committee assignments: California representatives Adam B. Schiff and Eric Swalwell. When a legislator applies to serve on the Intelligence Committee, the speaker has more leeway than with the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Despite apparent disagreement from a few GOP lawmakers about staging a floor vote for Ms. Omar’s expulsion from the Foreign Affairs Committee, House Republican leaders claim they have the support necessary to remove Ms. Omar from the committee.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La. ), the House Majority Whip, told reporters that the GOP leadership has been meeting with members to discuss the recent controversy over whether or not to allow Rep. Ilhan Omar to serve on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and how this decision contrasts with the Democrats’ removal of Reps. Dana Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar.

Mr. Scalise stated, “They went after Marjorie Taylor Greene for things she had said and opposed before she was a member of Congress.” They took her off of all the committees, and it was obviously a very private matter. Omar may still serve on other committees even if she were kicked off the Foreign Affairs Committee.






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