Debt Agreement Passage Could Trigger Immediate Effort to Remove Republican Speaker, Warns Florida Rep
According to Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), the passage of a debt agreement without a Republican majority in the House would lead to an “immediate” effort to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). Gaetz ... Read More.
Fox News Grills White House on Lack of Campaign Activity: Is Biden Having Campaign Events?
A Fox News correspondent questions if President Biden will have a campaign event while the White House discusses the rule of law in response. ... Read More.
Elizabeth Holmes: From Silicon Valley to a White-Collar Prison Camp in Texas
Elizabeth Holmes scammed investors will get $452M in restitution, but experts say it’s largely symbolic as she lacks resources to cover the debt. Her assets are likely being seized while she’s incarcer ... Read More.
California GOP Primary Voters Favor Trump Over DeSantis for 2024, New Poll Shows
As per a recently published survey report, it has been revealed that former President Trump has regained his position as the leading choice among the prospective Republican voters for the 2024 primarie ... Read More.
Conservative Rappers' Anti-Target Song Climbs Hip-Hop Charts Amid Pride Month Controversy
Conservative rappers Forgiato Blow and Jimmy Levy’s song “Boycott Target” peaked at number two on the hip-hop chart on iTunes on Monday, riding a tide of conservative anger against the big-box store ov ... Read More.
Target Store Faces Bomb Threats After Removing LGBTQ+ Products
After management removed LGBTQ-themed products in response to criticism from conservative customers, Target locations in at least three US states received bomb threats. According to one comment, the sh ... Read More.
US Senator Under Fire for Alleged Cheering of Russian Killings in Kiev Video: Graham Refutes Claims
Russian officials criticized US Senator Lindsey Graham for remarks they said he made during a recent trip to Kiev, but Graham has refuted their claims. Graham looked to be cheering Russian killings in ... Read More.
Bill Passes With Funding Recovered, IRS Expanded but Few Republican Demands Met
Apart from the controversial expansion of the Internal Revenue Service due to the Inflation Reduction Act and the recovery of $28 billion in unapplied Covid-19 funding, the bill has not made the drasti ... Read More.
Debt Ceiling Vote Controversy: Democratic Leaders Urge Affirmative Votes Despite Setbacks
Democratic leaders are pushing for affirmative votes to raise the debt ceiling, despite some potential setbacks. Max Cohen, a leading Congressional reporter, notes that Steny Hoyer is urging his collea ... Read More.
Texas Passes Landmark Bill for Increased School Security – Armed Officers and $330M Allocated!
The Texas Legislature has passed a school security measure, including armed officers on every campus and $330M in funding. The measure follows the tragic incident at Robb Elementary School, though some ... Read More.
Biden and McCarthy Reach Tentative Deal On Debt Ceiling: Did Anyone Win The Day?
President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy have reached an agreement in principle to bolster the country’s borrowing capacity and avert a default. Negotiators are now working swiftly to finalize ... Read More.
The Trump Train: Why Donald Trump Will Be the 2024 GOP Nominee
Trump has unwavering support. DeSantis and the rest of the field don’t stack up to be an equal match. Trump will thus be the nominee. DeSantis has been careful in his criticism of Trump, and to his cre ... Read More.
Gov. Kristi Noem Pushes To Ban “Woke” Drag Shows and “Preferred” Pronoun Options in SD Campuses
Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) is pushing back against progressive Dems by calling on the South Dakota college board to outlaw woke drag shows and “preferred” pronoun options. In a letter to the Board of Rege ... Read More.
Mayor of NYC's Drastic Move: Detaining Immigrants and Border Crossers in Harlem Correctional Facility
Due to the influx of over 70,000 migrants into the city since last year, Mayor Eric Adams (D) has announced plans to detain border crossers and undocumented immigrants in Harlem’s previously closed cor ... Read More.
Ron DeSantis Finally Joins Donald Trump In Possible Pardons for Capitol Hill Protesters
On his inaugural day, Ron DeSantis proposed assembling a committee to scrutinize cases and pardon victims of partisan targeting. The governor alleged that organizations aligned with the Biden administr ... Read More.

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