Beware the Lawfare Backfire: How Attempts to Silence Trump Could Strengthen His Base
Lawfare strategy risks backlash as attempts to silence political figures may galvanize support instead of deterring it. ... Read More.
Meta's Instagram to Test New Feature: Shielding Teens from Harmful Content
In an effort to ease worries about damaging material on its applications, Instagram’s parent company Meta said on Thursday that the app would test features that hide messages including nudity to protec ... Read More.
Apple Faces Decline in Smartphone Sales: Android Rivals Gain Ground in 2024 Q1
According to statistics released on Sunday by research company IDC, Apple’s smartphone sales decreased by almost 10% in the first quarter of 2024 as a result of fiercer competition from Android smartph ... Read More.
Severe Weather Alert: Millions in Midwest & Southern Plains at Risk!
From Monday through Wednesday, a significant area of the Midwest and Southern Plains, including Nebraska, might see severe weather that could affect almost 50 million inhabitants of the United States. ... Read More.
Supreme Court Denies MyPillow CEO's Appeal Over Phone Seizure
The CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, claimed that the government had violated his First and Fourth Amendment rights when it seized his mobile phone, but the Supreme Court has decided not to hear his appe ... Read More.
Shaking Up Washington: Would 'Drain the Swamp' Acts Secure Trump's Second Term?
If the House steps up now, the Drain the Swamp Acts could shake things up big time! This could set the stage for President Donald Trump’s second term with the kind of impact he needs. One downside is t ... Read More.
Tax Day Drama: Trump's 34-count Felony Trial Begins Alongside Banana Republic Allegations
The 2017 payments fall outside the five-year felony window, but state judge Juan Merchan ruled that Mr. Bragg gets an extra year of leeway due to COVID-19 orders pausing legal cases. Look, in a legal s ... Read More.
Texas Mother Faces Backlash for Leaving Kids Alone During Vacation; Called For Welfare Check During Cruise
Texas mother faces criticism for leaving kids behind during vacation, prompting concerns from neighbors about their safety. ... Watch Now.
J.K. Rowling's Advice to Harry Potter Stars Sparks Controversy in Transgender Rights Debate
As their relationship continues to deteriorate due to their differing views on transgender rights, J.K. Rowling has advised Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, the actors of Harry Potter, to “save their ... Read More.
Man Sentenced to 40 Years for Tragic Road Rage Shooting of 6-Year-Old Aiden Leos
A court decided on Friday that a California man who killed a six-year-old in a fit of fury on the road will serve 40 years to life in prison. A jury found 27-year-old Marcus Eriz guilty of killing Aide ... Read More.
Man Sues 50 Women for $2.6 Million Over "Bad Date" Claims: Legal Battle Unfolds
California man files $2.6 million lawsuit against fifty women who labeled him a “bad date” on a Facebook group. Lawsuits claim disparaging remarks on “Are We Dating The Same Guy?” page. ... Read More.
Sean "Diddy" Combs Ex-Girlfriend Cooperating With Federal Investigation of Allegations of Sex Trafficking
Federal government supports accusers in legal cases against a businessman, including ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura. Music mogul remains visible, sharing Miami photos on social media. ... Read More.
Ex-"Good Morning America" Anchor Spills Relationship Drama on "Amy and T.J." Podcast
Former “Good Morning America 3” anchor shares struggles of relationships on podcast “Amy and T.J.” as he copes with his ex-co-anchor turned-lover’s travels. ... Read More.
Israel Drops Plans for Retaliation on Iran After Talks with U.S. President
The New York Times reported on Sunday, citing sources in Jerusalem, that Israel gave up on the idea of carrying out a retaliation assault on Iranian territory after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an ... Read More.
Russia Seeks Support from Washington for Moscow Terror Attack Probe
Vassily Nebenzia, Russia’s ambassador to the UN, said on Friday that the country expects Washington and its partners to help with its probe into the March terror attack in Moscow that killed a number o ... Read More.

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