Controversy in Chicago: Neighborhood Voices Concerns Over Immigrant Shelter and Resource Impact
Residents express concerns and objections about a makeshift shelter for immigrants in a Chicago neighborhood. Impact on resources and programs outlined in a report submitted to city officials. Question ... Read More.
Tragic Loss: 9-Year-Old Boy Fatally Struck While Retrieving Football Under School Bus
Tragic death of 9-year-old Orlando child who heroically tried to save a football under a school bus. Neighborhood mourns loss of cancer survivor Elyas Marshall-Rodriguez, who dreamt of playing professi ... Watch Now.
Long Island Man's Remains Identified 20 Years After 9/11 Tragedy
After over twenty years since the tragic events of 9/11, the New York City medical examiner’s office has recently announced the identification of the remains of a Long Island man who lost his life at t ... Read More.
Supreme Court Rejects School District's Appeal, Leaving Transgender Restroom Access Controversy Unsettled
In Tuesday’s rejection of an appeal from an Indiana public school district, the Supreme Court turned down an opportunity to step in and settle the ongoing controversy around transgender kids’ access to ... Read More.
Fulton County DA Slams Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene as 'Filled with Hate' During Church Service
On Sunday, while preaching at a church service, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis attacked Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, calling her “filled with hate.” ... Read More.
Tragic Discovery: Two Found Dead in 100-Degree Spartanburg House
On Saturday, two individuals were discovered deceased in a residence that Spartanburg police characterized as being excessively warm. ... Watch Now.
Bill Clinton's "First-Ever Email" Recipient From Presidential Center Post Sparks Controversy with Overwhelming Response
On Monday, the Clinton Presidential Center removed a social media post that inquired about the recipient of former President Bill Clinton’s “first-ever email” after an overwhelming number of people rep ... Read More.
Former Student Teacher Ordered to Undergo Treatment Program for 3 Inappropriate Relationships with 14-Year-Old Student; No Jail Time
A former student teacher who engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a student was ordered to undergo a six-month treatment program. Ana D’Ettorre will be required to register as a Tier II sex of ... Watch Now.
Epstein Files: Majority Of Associates Named Aren't Accused of Committing Any Crimes
A judge released a file that names some of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates, possibly revealing some public figures who participated in his crimes. However, the truth is much less scandalous, the Associate ... Read More.
Epstein Records: Bill Clinton Mentioned Many Times; Victim Claims Former President Even Had A Label
On Wednesday, records pertaining to the late serial sex offender Jeffrey Epstein included many references to former president Bill Clinton. One of Epstein’s victims said that Epstein had told her, “Cli ... Read More.
Unsealed: Revealing Jeffrey Epstein's Network - Victims and Associates Included!
Some records involving the infamous financier Jeffrey Epstein were opened on Wednesday night, after a federal judge’s ruling that they will be unsealed after January 1. The documents included around 15 ... Watch Now.
From Termination to Laptop Retrieval: A Whirlwind Tale of Employment Drama
After her video went public, she said that her employer had fired her, only to have them later request that she return the business laptop. “The company that fired me requested that I arrange for UPS t ... Read More.
Facebook Takes Action: Bans Popular Right Wing Account 'Libs of TikTok' for Violating Community Standards
On Saturday night, Facebook removed the right-wing TikTok account Libs of TikTok for allegedly breaking the platform’s community rules. ... Read More.
Harvard Study Uncovers: Social Media Companies Rake in $11 Billion Targeting American Youth
A recent study conducted by Harvard University revealed that social media companies have generated a significant amount of revenue, specifically $11 billion, through advertising targeted at American yo ... Watch Now.
Prepping for New Year's Eve in Times Square: NYPD Braces for Pro-Palestine Protests
On Friday, Mayor Adams and police officials said that although there are no known security risks associated with this weekend’s New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, the New York Police Departmen ... Watch Now.

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