Tragic Outcome: Surgical Robot Causes Intestinal Burns, Resulting in Florida Woman's Untimely Demise
During a routine procedure, a Florida lady tragically lost her life when a surgical robot is said to have burnt a hole in her gut. In an attempt to bring justice for his late wife Sandra Sultzer, her h ... Read More.
Oklahoma District Judge Resigns After Sending Over 500 Texts to Bailiff During Murder Trial
Oklahoma judge resigns after sending hundreds of texts mocking the prosecution during a murder trial involving a 2-year-old’s death. ... Watch Now.
Superintendent Issues Warning as Students Protest Texas School's New Cellphone Policy
James Madison High School students in Houston protest in front of the building, demanding freedom and expressing their discontent. The students assert their identity as high school kids, not prisoners, ... Watch Now.
Kansas AG Directs Public Schools to Inform Parents of Children's Gender Identities
The attorney general of Kansas is directing public schools to inform parents about their children’s transgender or non-binary identity, regardless of whether it has been disclosed at home. ... Read More.
FCC Cracks Down on AI-Generated Robocalls: No More Voice Tricks, Scams, or Manipulations!
Artificial intelligence-generated voices in robocalls were prohibited by the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday. This move makes it very clear that using technology to deceive voters and swi ... Read More.
US Troops Detained for Theft and "Bias" After Targeting LGBTQ Pride Flags
US troops accused of theft and “bias” for removing LGBTQ pride flags from a lesbian couple’s home. One robber spotted wearing a cowboy hat. Read more for details. ... Read More.
CNN Shakes Up Morning Talk Show Landscape, Embraces Hard-News Approach
CNN announces departure from morning talk show industry and shift towards hard-news approach under new CEO. Find out the details of the upcoming changes. ... Read More.
Walmart Supercenter Managers to Receive $20,000 Stock Awards Annually, Boosting Total Compensation to $400,000!
Walmart said on Monday that Supercenter managers would get $20,000 in stock awards annually, bringing the company’s total compensation for store managers to up to $400,000. “We want our managers to tak ... Read More.
Tech Titans Grilled on Child Safety: Meta, TikTok, X, Snap, and Discord Face Lawmakers
Leading social media executives, including Mark Zuckerberg, Linda Yaccarino, and Evan Spiegel, testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on child safety and exploitation. ... Watch Now.
Deal Reached in Georgia Election Interference Case Against Former President Trump: Divorce Drama Diverted!
The special prosecutor in the Georgia election interference case against former president Trump reached a preliminary deal in his divorce proceedings on the eve of the scheduled hearing, eliminating th ... Read More.
Foiled Plot: Hells Angels, Iranian Defector, and a Global Assassination Network
Hells Angels gang members, an Iranian defector, and his partner were allegedly involved in a foiled plot targeting Iranian dissidents globally. Learn more about the accusations and the alleged “assassi ... Read More.
Judge Invalidates Musk's $55B Tesla Pay Package, Highlighting "Deeply Flawed" Approval Process
Read about Elon Musk’s recent statement regarding establishing businesses in Delaware and the cancellation of a $55 billion Tesla pay plan. Get insights into the shareholder case and the ruling by Judg ... Read More.
Elon Musk's Tweet Reveals Successful Implant Procedure: A Glimpse into Neuralink's Promising Future
Elon Musk shares an update on a successful implant procedure, highlighting smooth operation and positive outcomes. Specific patient details remain undisclosed. Neuralink continues its search for trial ... Read More.
Patriot Truckers Are Headed To Texas: "Take Our Border Back" Group Gathers for illegal immigration Stand-Off
“Take Our Border Back” organizes a convoy to the Texas border to prevent the entry of migrants from Mexico, referring to themselves as “God’s army.” Over 1,600 followers came together on Telegram to pr ... Read More.
New Hampshire Soldier Admits to Decades-Long Wheelchair Benefit Scam
A soldier from New Hampshire has acknowledged lying about needing a wheelchair for 20 years in order to collect almost $660,000 in benefits that he was not eligible for. On Thursday, Christopher Stultz ... Watch Now.

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