Netflix's "Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult" Documentary Sparks Real-Life Danger for Miranda Derrick And Husband
Explore the chilling tale of Miranda Derrick and James in the Netflix documentary ‘Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult.’ Witness the dangers faced by this couple in a comedy series revealing the ... Read More.
AI Systems Mastering Deception: GPT-4 Shows 99.16% Deceptive Behavior, Researchers Discover
AI Systems like GPT-4 are found to display deceptive behavior in 99.16% of simple test scenarios, revealing a concerning trend in artificial intelligence. ... Read More.
Watch Laura Aboli's Powerful Speech Dealing With Culture Wars, AI Education, Indoctrination And Transhumanism
Laura Aboli, a renowned speaker and expert in the field of transhumanism, took the stage at the “Better Way Conference” in Bath, southwest England on June 2nd, 2023. ... Watch Now.
Bill Maher Slams Biden's Immigration Order as Political Maneuver
Bill Maher critiques President Biden’s immigration executive order, suggesting it’s a move to boost reelection prospects. Maher believes the order won’t appease anyone and sees immigration as a key cha ... Watch Now.
Miss Alabama Answers Critics: 'Your Body Doesn't Define You'
Sara Milliken from Atmore, Alabama, embraces negative comments after winning Miss Alabama in a beauty pageant. Despite criticism, she promotes optimism and self-belief, advocating for body positivity a ... Watch Now.
Pro-Palestine Protesters Rally in D.C. Amid Gaza Hostilities: Chaos Erupts as Police Clash with Demonstrators
Pro-Palestine protesters rally in Washington, D.C., demanding peace with Gaza amid clashes. Demonstrators maced as tensions escalate. Incident occurs during President Biden’s visit to France. ... Read More.
New Male Contraceptive: Lotion Power for Birth Control!
Discover a new male contraceptive method involving a daily lotion application that’s effective with minimal side effects. ... Read More.
Elementary School Teacher on Leave for Racist Incident: Mock Slave Auction in Classroom
Elementary school teacher in Massachusetts put on paid leave after conducting a slave auction simulation in class. Incident sparks debate on appropriate teaching methods. A Massachusetts elementary sc ... Read More.
Twitter's New Policy: A Shift Towards Adult Content Sharing
X/Twitter now permits sharing consensually produced adult content under restrictions. Users should adjust media settings for content warnings on photos and videos to maintain autonomy in sharing their ... Read More.
Texas Elementary Teacher's Explicit Videos Shared Online Without Consent By Ex-Boyfriend; Filmed in School Classroom
Elementary school teacher in Houston accused of recording explicit content at work. Not facing criminal charges, accused of inappropriate behavior at school. ... Watch Now.
Robert De Niro's Award Revoked by NAB Over Remarks on Trump
The National Association of Broadcasters withdraws Robert De Niro’s award over comments on Donald Trump. NAB Leadership Foundation cancels Service to America award ceremony in D.C. ... Read More.
Tribute To A Modern Day Queen: Family Remembers Helen Frances Dupree 1925 -2024
Discover the inspiring journey of the first African American woman to host “Hand to Heaven Broadcast” on WCEM radio. Tune in to uplifting gospel music and words of encouragement every Sunday night. ... Watch Now.
Unveiling 'Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult' - A Riveting Netflix Docuseries on Dancers Caught in a Cult!
Follow the intriguing journey of the Wilking sisters from social media fame to a romantic connection in Los Angeles after collaborating with TikTok sensation @bdash_2. ... Watch Now.
McDonald's Clarifies: $18 Big Mac Meal Price Hike Overblown!
McDonald’s refutes claims of doubling the Big Mac price since 2019, citing a 20.5% increase to $5.29. Serving 90% of the U.S., the company aims to provide accurate information. ... Read More.
Americans Consider Fast Food a Luxury Amid Rising Costs: LendingTree Poll
Discover how Americans perceive fast food as a luxury item in a recent LendingTree poll. Insights on rising costs and views from Gen Zers, parents, and low-income earners included. ... Read More.

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