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Do You Find It Harder To Believe The Hamas-Israel Reports?
Visit, code WAYNE for 10% off your order Amidst the ongoing conflict between Hamas militants and Israel, social media has been flooded with videos and photos. However, it has be ... Watch Now.
Hamas Promises To Behead Hostages If Israel Continues Gaza Bombings
Visit, code WAYNE for 10% off your order Over the past three days, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has resulted in the tragic loss of more than 1,600 lives. Distur ... Watch Now.
Iran Reportedly Pushed Hamas To Attack Israel
Visit, code WAYNE for 10% off your order Iranian security officials reportedly assisted Hamas in organizing and approving the recent attack on Israel, according to the Wall Stre ... Watch Now.
Eight House Reps Face Ire Of Media And Establishment After McCarthy Ouster
Visit, code WAYNE for 10% off your order Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL) faced backlash from his Florida congressional delegation for his role in the removal of former House Speaker Kevin ... Watch Now.
Now That McCarthy Has Been Removed; What's The New Direction?
Visit, code WAYNE for 10% off your order Rep. Kevin McCarthy criticized Republican colleagues who voted to remove him as speaker, arguing they couldn’t call themselves conservat ... Watch Now.
Russia Is Performing Nationwide Nuclear Test; Why Is Our Media Quiet?
Russia is reportedly preparing to test a new long-range nuclear missile, called the Burevestnik or “Flying Chernobyl.” Speculation suggests it may be a birthday gift for Vladimir Putin. Satellite image ... Watch Now.
Gaetz Says He's Going To Take McCarthy Down; Do You Believe It?
Rep Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., plans to file a ‘motion to vacate’ this week, potentially marking the countdown for Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s days in office. Gaetz has been a notable critic of McCarthy and was ... Watch Now.
Another Debate Flop For GOP As Leading Candidate Once Again Skips Debacle!
The second Republican debate at the Reagan Library was marked by a lackluster exchange of canned lines and attempts to create memorable “moments” that fell flat. Candidates like Nikki Haley and Ron DeS ... Watch Now.
Venezuelan Illegals Plant Flag On American Soil Under Biden Admin
Customs and Border Patrol used pepper balls on a group of Venezuelan migrants trying to cross the Rio Grande in El Paso, Texas. The incident occurred after a protester assaulted an agent with a flag po ... Watch Now.
Biden's Keeps Spinning His Accomplishments And Failures!
According a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, Biden’s handling of immigration at the southern border received approval from only 23% of registered voters, while a majority of 62% expressed their di ... Watch Now.
Americans Are Finding Out Their Government Can't Govern
Speaker McCarthy reverses decision to strip Ukraine aid from the Pentagon funding bill after recognizing that the State Department and Foreign Operations measure also includes money for Kyiv. McCarthy ... Watch Now.
Reminiscing When We As Kids Were Taught Trade Skills in School
Remember when American schools had vo-tech-skilled learning? It seems it’s been removed these days, which has weakened today’s kids ability to learn the basics to survive in today’s world ... Watch Now.
Nervous Dems Worry About Trump Visit To UAW Frontlines
The state’s political pollster suggests that a particular move that includes Donald Trump speaking with members of the United Auto Workers will deeply trouble Democrats, carrying significant political ... Watch Now.
Are You For Or Against A Government Shutdown?
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy warns against party’s failure to support a government spending bill, highlighting the negative consequences of a government shutdown. During an interview on Fox News, McCar ... Watch Now.
New Poll: Americans Question Biden's Health and Favor Trump in Physical Fitness for Presidency
A recent CBS poll reveals that 72% of Americans doubt President Joe Biden’s physical health for another four-year term. The poll also shows him slightly behind former President Donald Trump in a head-t ... Watch Now.

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