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House Speaker Challenges GOP Senators; Israel Support Must Stand Alone
New Mike Johnson (R-La.) advised Republican senators that U.S. military aid to Israel should be addressed independently, separate from a larger funding package that includes Ukraine, Taiwan, and the U. ... Watch Now.
FBI Director Warns That Americans Need To Prepare
FBI Director Christopher Wray warns of “historic” levels of antisemitism in the US. The Jewish community is uniquely targeted by various terrorist organizations, accounting for a disproportionate numbe ... Watch Now.
Mass Shootings in Maine Strikes 3 Businesses, Leaving Many Dead and Injured
Mass shootings at three businesses in Lewiston, Maine, resulted in at least 22 fatalities and 50-60 injuries. Authorities are actively searching for the suspect(s) while urging residents to stay indoor ... Watch Now.
America Is Supposed To Be A Melting Pot, Not Melted Pot
◉ As students, we were taught that America was a melting pot for immigrants wanting to come here to make their lives better. But this country has guidelines and an umbrella call the Constitution. We g ... Watch Now.
Who Is The Wayne Dupree Podcast And Why Should You Listen Or Share
◉ Who is the @WayneDupreeShow and why should I listen or share? #podclip cc: @HBRadioGuy @JRobFromMN @redvoicenews Download our app and listen to our news opinions or add our podcast to your playlist ... Watch Now.
Hamas-Israel; Republican House Speakership; Mark Meadows Immunity
UFC has announced a partnership with Anheuser-Busch, making Bud Light its official beer. This multiyear agreement will see Bud Light heavily featured in UFC’s content and broadcasts starting in 2024. U ... Watch Now.
Iranian-Backed Militia Plotting More Attacks on US Forces in the Middle East
US officials have intelligence that Iranian-backed militia groups are planning increased attacks against US forces in the Middle East. This comes as Iran looks to take advantage of the regional backlas ... Watch Now.
Should We Be Worried About China Warships In Middle East?
◉ #PODCLIP: Nobody is really mentioning the six warships sent to the Middle East by China over the weekend. We’ve got two. Two nations with egos sharing the same space with warships? What can go wrong? ... Watch Now.
We've Been Sounding Alarm For Years We Need 2nd Political Party
◉ Wayne, Hutch and Jason talked in length about the Israel-Hamas escalation, China sending warships, the crazy circus in the House of Representatives and more. Make sure you watch/share the full broadc ... Watch Now.
Israel's Escalation: Bombings, Aid, and Diplomacy
Israel escalated its bombing in multiple locations, including a rare airstrike in the West Bank. Meanwhile, humanitarian aid arrived in Gaza as international efforts aimed to alleviate the suffering of ... Watch Now.
The Middle East Is A Tinder Box And We Have The Wrong Leader!
Visit, code WAYNE for 10% off your order Shocking events unfold as a blast rocks a Gaza hospital, leading to protests in the occupied West Bank and Jordan. The planned summit be ... Watch Now.
Jordan Fails On 2nd Attempt, Will Soon Drop Out; Who's Up Next?
Visit, code WAYNE for 10% off your order ◉ Jordan lost the 2nd vote and some supporters to be House Speaker but that didn’t surprise the host. Wanna hear who we think is next up ... Watch Now.
If Palestinian People Are Not Hamas, Why Are They Quiet?
Visit, code WAYNE for 10% off your order ◉ We’re being told that the Palestinian people are not HAMAS…ok…our question to you is why aren’t the people coming out against HAMAS? v ... Watch Now.
Predictions For House Speaker After Jordan Lost 2nd Attempt
Visit, code WAYNE for 10% off your order Today, the guys weighed in on what to expect with the House Speakership vote amongst other important topics like the being on the edge o ... Watch Now.
Hundreds Die During Hospital Bombing; Biden Meetings Canceled
Visit, code WAYNE for 10% off your order Reuters reported that the Health Minister in Gaza’s Hamas government accused Israel of a massacre, with conflicting reports on the death ... Watch Now.

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