"Fox News Anchor Shocks with Defense of Trump: 'Hatching Schemes to Stay in Office is Not a Crime!'"

Politics written all over it, and attorneys to represent the law, not politics, okay? Judges, same. Judges are the only ones able to recuse themselves, okay? So it’s up to a judge to recuse himself if they have it in for one of the future cases, there is no way they’re gonna recuse themselves. So obviously, the system is a little bit broken, I would have to say. Let’s move over to Fulton County, Georgia, because in that district, they are potentially gonna be coming forth with a fourth indictment. The attorney, Fani Willis, is probing whether Trump committed crimes and trying to overturn the election results in Georgia, committing crimes. I want to talk about Trump’s alleged crimes for a second. He has not been indicted with incitement, we know that, right? So it’s not a crime to tell lies. Being a narcissist isn’t a crime. Hatching schemes to stay in office is not a crime. Claiming you won an election you know you lost is not a crime.

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