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Matt Gaetz And Glenn Ivey Clash Over 'Defund The Police' And The ATF
At House Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Rep. Glenn Ivey (D-MD) argued about crime and the Defund the Police movement. ... Read More.
Biggs Clashes With Democrats About 'Busloads' Of Migrants In Hearing
Not one Democrat voted to close the border. That should say it ALL!!! ... Watch Now.
Jordan Slams Biden's Border Policies As Title 42 Ends, Introduces GOP Border Bill
Doesn’t the US have a yearly limit for so-called Asylum seekers? Surely we can only process so many requests. The Congress should impose a limit, if one does not exist. After that “reasonable” number i ... Watch Now.
Jordan And McGovern Square Off In Heated Exchange Over Securing The Border
“Language has consequences,” says the McGovern who calls it “demonizing immigrants” to have border security. ... Watch Now.
Biden Witness' Definition of hate speech is troubling
We all know their definition of “hate speech.” It’s any language the left disagrees with ... Watch Now.
Karine Jean-Pierre Claims GOP has not been helpful fixing Border Crisis?
On Tuesday, Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about an upcoming GOP Border security bill. ... Read More.
Trump To Appeal E. Jean Carroll Court Decision
Former President Trump has released video messages on social media in the wake of a jury finding him liable for sexual assault of E. Jean Carroll. ... Watch Now.
McCarthy Scoffs At Biden Threat To Use 14th Amendment On Debt Limit Spending
As worries of a U.S. default grow more pressing, discussions inside the Beltway have heated up over whether or not the debt ceiling is constitutional under the 14th Amendment, which primarily deals wit ... Watch Now.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot declares state of emergency amid surge of migrant arrivals
Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued an emergency declaration on Tuesday in response to the significant number of people arriving in Chicago who are seeking asylum in the U.S. since last year, what her office c ... Watch Now.
DOJ Criminally Charges Rep. George Santos; Will Appear In Federal Court
Freshman New York Republican Representative George Santos, who has been the target of numerous claims of legal malfeasance, has been hit with criminal charges by the Department of Justice. On Wednesda ... Watch Now.
E. Jean Carroll Leaves Manhattan Court After Closing Arguments In Trial Against Trump
Yesterday, E. Jean Carroll left a Manhattan court following closing arguments in her lawsuit against former President Trump for rape. ... Watch Now.
Rep. Bryan Slaton resigns ahead of vote for expulsion
Rep. Bryan Slaton resigned from the Texas House on Monday after an investigative panel found he had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 19-year-old woman on his staff ... Watch Now.
Rep. Foxx Stumps Panel Of Inspectors General With Afghan Withdrawal
Why is there zero consequences for refusing to answer questions from Congress? Hold these people accountable ... Watch Now.
Rep. Massie: 'Which Uses More Electricity...A Running Refrigerator Or Charging Electric Car?
Unlike most political discussions of today that are totally misrepresenting all facets of reasonableness I must say that it is refreshing to see Massie asking questions that are based on reasonably acc ... Watch Now.

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