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Liberal DJ Blasts Republican Lt Gov For Dismissing Reparations
On the Tuesday episode of The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne called the lieutenant governor and 2024 candidate for governor, Robinson, the “Donkey of the Day” due to his previous remarks. He also claimed ... Watch Now.
Ron Johnson Asks Witnesses Blunt Questions About Climate Change; Is 'Anybody Here?'
And not one single democrat listened or acknowledged anything he just laid out for them. They won’t hear the truth. ... Watch Now.
What Will Happen If Title 42 Ends
Many Americans don’t know Title 42 is scheduled to end next week. What is Title 42 and why should you know about it? ... Watch Now.
Upset Grassley Says Political Infection Has Taken Root In DOJ, FBI
Grassley has made an incredible statement here. It’s unfortunate he was the one who had to say it, these words coming from a Republican firebrand could change the course of the political narrative even ... Watch Now.
Midtown Atlanta shooting suspect waives first appearance court hearing
Police claimed at a press conference on Wednesday night that the suspect had an appointment at a Northside Medical facility and started shooting immediately after arriving. The incident lasted for arou ... Watch Now.
Oklahoma authorities believe case of 7 bodies found are result of murder-suicide
After Jesse McFadden skipped his long-awaited jury trial on Monday in Muskogee County, authorities started a search. His wife, her son and daughters, as well as two other teenagers who were spending th ... Read More.
When Lindsey Graham Confronts Dem Witnesses With RBG's Court Actions, They Say Nothing
It blows my mind how a lack of spine, integrity and honesty keeps people from speaking or answering a question directly ... Watch Now.
'You Haven't Followed The Law!': John Barrasso Does Not Let Up On Deb Haaland
The current regime of federal land management is blatantly unconstitutional. The founding fathers never intended to create a Republic where the feds could impose draconian fees on peaceful individuals ... Watch Now.
Biden Official Frustrates House Republican With No Answers
Well done Senator. The proposal is insane, especially in a state that knows how to produce renewable energy for their entire population in a responsible manner. ... Watch Now.
Kennedy Once Again Gets Better Of Biden Official
Let this be a lesson to the activists posing as “officials” in the Biden regime. Do not EVER think Senator Kennedy is going to let you bullSchiff your way through a question. ... Watch Now.
HS Senior Stands Tall At School District Board Meeting
At a Riverside Unified School District (RUSD) board meeting, the 18-year-old high school student spoke and warned about the problem of “biological men claiming they are women and in turn truly believin ... Watch Now.
U.S. Navy Uses Drag Influencer To Recruit Sailors?
No wonder they can’t recruit people to join the military. What a joke 😂 ... Watch Now.
Hawley Presses Biden Witness That Place Climate Change Agenda Over Energy Security
Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Interior Secretary Deb Haaland had a discussion about this on Tuesday when Hawley brought up the fact that the Biden administration is pushing for electric cars, which need ... Read More.
Students Argue Against After School Satan Club
Just looking at the people in the back who support the satan club and the gentlemen who stood up for Christ, I would rather my kids grow up to be like the young men who stood for Christ. Articulate, we ... Watch Now.
A Good Credit Score Could Increase Your Mortgage Rate
The regulation changes are part of a Biden Administration initiative to make homeownership more accessible to all Americans; nonetheless, first-time homebuyers with excellent credit will pay higher int ... Watch Now.

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