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Trump claims he will be arrested Tuesday
The mass public only notices when one party points something like this out about another party.If the people in charge of upholding these laws really cared about them, they wouldn’t break them on a see ... Watch Now.
Hunter Biden sues computer repair shop owner for invasion of privacy
It’s a bold new step in the younger Biden’s legal offensive against his most vocal critics and those who have been accused of trafficking in his personal information. ... Watch Now.
GOP Lawmaker Clay Higgins Slams Homeland Secretary Secretary Mayorkas' Efforts
The government has really made things more difficult for its citizens and we can’t sit back and bear all the consequences of the bad governance. it’s obvious we are headed for hyperinflation, it is alw ... Watch Now.
Sen. Josh Hawley Questions Witness About CyberThreats To Hospitals
The whole healthcare system is broken. We’re paying more than ever for healthcare and yet the only “solution” is “we need more money.” How about we stop sending money to Ukraine first. ... Watch Now.
Comer Challenges Omar; Issues Have Nothing To Do With Inflation
Representatives James Comer (R-KY) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) debated executive power and inflation legislation on the House floor earlier this month. Someone needs to explain to Ilhan that the wealthy are ... Watch Now.
Trump Blames Putin For Intervening In 2016 Election
For the first time in office, President Trump blames Russian President Vladimir Putin for intervening in the 2016 election. Only hours after rejecting U.S. intelligence estimates that Russia is still i ... Watch Now.
Byron Donalds Tells Floridians Pelosi, FEMA Failed In Hurricane Ian Response
I’m so proud of this young man. He’s proven to be a true representative of the people in southwest FL. If he’s still game for it, I’ll be supporting him in 2028. ... Watch Now.
GOP Senator vs Janet Yellen Over Biden's $6.8T Budget
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Testifies Before the Senate Finance Committee About Biden’s $6.8T Budget The conversation between Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) descen ... Watch Now.
Kellyanne Conway: Kushner profited off Trump’s presidency to the tune of billions
Kellyanne Conway, a senior counselor to former President Donald Trump, said Jared Kushner made billions while in the administration. During Thursday’s The Story, Conway debated Juan Williams. The Hou ... Watch Now.
Previously Disclosed 2.5 Tons Uranium Now Missing Is Found In Libya
2.5 Tons Libya Uranium Missing: The International Atomic watchdog says, roughly 2.5 tons of natural Uranium is missing from a Libyan site that is not under the government’s control. Inspectors from the ... Watch Now.
Ben Affleck GOES VIRAL With Jennifer Lopez During GRAMMYs Date Night
Ben Affleck joined his wife, Jennifer Lopez, at the GRAMMYs on Sunday night, where they were seated front row and center. Ben quickly went viral after fans noticed he appeared to look bored every time ... Watch Now.
Reporter Calls Out Lori Lightfoot Over Her Leadership Styl
At yesterday’s Chicago City Council meeting, William Kelly assailed Mayor Lori Lightfoot. It would be nice if networks like Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, ABC and NPR would hire real journalists like this guy. ... Watch Now.
Reporters: 'How Often Is Russia Conducting These Harassing Behaviors?'
At a press briefing, reporters asked US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley about the recent collision over the Black Sea between a Russian warplane ... Watch Now.
Dallas mom shares message after 13-year-old missing daughter found locked in shed
A 13-year-old girl from the Dallas area who had been missing for more than a week was reportedly found Friday, more than 1,000 miles away, confined in a shed in Davidson County, North Carolina. The tee ... Watch Now.
MTG: A New Report Claims Cartel Using Explosives Against Border Agents
In McAllen, Texas, the House Homeland Security Committee holds a public hearing on border security between the United States and Mexico. Raul Ortiz, the head of the U.S. Border Patrol, and Steve Cagen, ... Watch Now.

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