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GOP Rep: We Need To Start Focusing On Cartels, They Are The Real Criminals
The House Homeland Security Committee holds a field hearing in McAllen, Texas, on U.S.-Mexico border security. U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official ... Watch Now.
Signature Bank collapse becomes third-largest bank failure in U.S. history
The system is collapsing before our eyes, Silicon Valley Bank and now this. Definitely heading into a depression. ... Watch Now.
'No, No, That's Not The Case!': Dr. Jamie Metzl Fires Back At Key Dr. Fauci Claims
The first real pandemic in 5 generations and efforts to investigate the origin is somehow considered controversial by, well, you know who… Dr. Metzl, welcome to the conservative party. I know you’re n ... Watch Now.
Rep. Comer Slams Biden For Normalizing Censorship
In remarks on the House floor last week, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) spoke about legislation on free speech and government censorship. By the way, why is there never any one in these hearings? Where is all ... Watch Now.
Watch Donald Trump Take Questions During His Iowa Campaign Trip
Anyone else notice how he goes out of his way to make sure he can see each person he is talking to. Moving to the sides or shielding his eyes from the lights so he can see their faces. He talks to each ... Watch Now.
Rep. Massie Just Raised A Startling Allegation
We ought to emphasize more the fact that former “conspiracy theories” were proven to be correct. Those people, who were ridiculed and labeled “conspiracy theorists”, deserve to be rembered, thanked, an ... Watch Now.
Seven Orange County businesses Burglarized In 30 Minutes
Seven Orange County company owners repaired expensively over the weekend and Monday morning. Saturday morning saw the burglaries. Detectives were investigating if the same suspects broke into all Santa ... Watch Now.
Rep. Donalds tells Dem Witness: You Better Go Back and check your facts
At Tuesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) questioned witnesses. Byron is so smart all he has to do is tell the truth and he’s a super ... Watch Now.
Biden To Republicans: Pass My Budget
On Tuesday, Joe Biden blasted Republicans for their calls to defund the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement organizations at the federal level. Last week, Rep. Matt Gaetz warned ... Watch Now.
Silicon Valley Bank Employees Got Paid Before FDIC Took Over Last Friday
According to sources, Silicon Valley Bank staff earned their yearly bonuses Friday, hours before regulators seized the failing bank. Sorkin talks. ... Watch Now.
They Only Gave This GOP Rep 1 Minute To Blast Biden For Failure At Border?
Rep. Aaron Bean (R-FL) criticized the Biden Administration’s claims regarding the southern border during remarks on the House floor on Wednesday. I appreciate that they offer a full minute. It must be ... Watch Now.
Trump: We Have To Get Mitch McConnell Out of Congress
We do have to do something about Mitch McConnell,” Trump continued in his Davenport speech, drawing cheers from the audience. He’s a total failure. He calls in the big guns (his “10 guys”) and gets wha ... Watch Now.
Rep. Comer: The Biden family is trying to ‘hide’ this
We require a thorough forensic audit of Biden’s entire term of “public service” that explains how his residences and vehicles were bought with public funds while he was employed. ... Watch Now.
Rep Anna Luna Calls Out Dem Who Attacked GOP Witness
Anna Paulina is a dynamite Congresswoman (also gorgeous) and that witness was far above average; he was honest, forthright, had facts & data at his command, and testified directly to the point. Kudos t ... Watch Now.
Rep. Malliotakis: As Spending Packages Pushed Us To Debt Limit, Why Were You Silent?
With what’s going on, you would never know that these people are supposed to be working for the American people. Now wouldn’t it be important for high school students to learn from congresswoman Malli ... Watch Now.

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