DeSantis Says He Feels Good About Iowa

REPORTER: Why Utah today? Your poll numbers behind President Trump have been pretty substantially behind and… RON DESANTIS: Not here! (HUMAN LAUGH) (CHEERS) No look, I think at the end of the day… REPORTER: You think you can parlay this into a national resurgence to overtake… RON DESANTIS: It’s a state, it’s a state by state race. And so that’s how we’ve set everything up. You know, we are we are focusing on Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina. And then as we get into Super Tuesday, which of course, is is Utah. And that really requires being on the ground or requires building out the organization. And we’re doing that and we’re doing that better than anybody is doing that right now. We really, I think most of you saw last Friday we were in Iowa for the Family Leader summit. That really was the kickoff to the caucus season.

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