Special Saturday Broadcast: Free Miles Guo Movement Continues To Grow

While Miles Guo, the CCP's biggest critic, remains in jail without bail, both alleged CCP spies were released on bail. Jinping's bail was $400,000. Jianwang's was $250,000. Both bonds have three redacted co-signers.Brooklyn federal prosecutors unsealed another damning case on the 17th that shows the CCP has a special unit dedicated to spying on, harassing, and discrediting Guo in order to get him sent back to China, where he will be imprisoned or killed. In that instance, over thirty Chinese national police were accused for harassing Chinese people in New York and other U.S. cities. The officials were accused of operating a troll farm that employed hundreds of phony identities to target Chinese nationals critical of the CCP in the U.S.The complaint lists Guo as "Victim 1."

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