Why Are We Funding Wars And We Haven't Declared War?

Visit https://4patriots.com/, code WAYNE for 10% off your order "If Congress hasn't declared war, why are we funding everybody else? Biden & DC pimps are spending money we don't have, selling out the American people!" Don't forget to subscribe, comment & share! #LatestNews #WDShow Watch our latest episodes ⤵️ https://youtube.com/waynedupreeshow Wayne Dupree Podcast is an American and media broadcast. Get all the incisive opinions, in-depth analyses and other visual stories that matter to you and the world right here on this channel. Joe Biden | Israel | Palestine | Benjamin Netanyahu | Hamas Militants | Gaza | Israel-Palestine War | Donald Trump | Ron DeSantis | 2024 Elections | Politics | WayneDupreeShow | World News | Latest News | Global News | International News | Trending News Subscribe to Firstpost channel and press the bell icon to get notified when we go live. Follow Wayne Dupree Podcast On YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@WayneDupreeShow Follow Wayne Dupree Podcast On Instagram:
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