YouTube Crashes Plane On Purpose; Faces Jail Sentence

For anyone wondering why the FAA yanked his license. 1) attached multiple cameras to the craft (not illegal but suspect) 2) Wearing a sports parachute (there uncomfortable as hell and he never wore any chute on any other flight) 3) opened the side door before claiming any engine failure. 3) made no attempt to communicate on emergency frequency 4) made no attempt to restart engine 5) made no attempt to find a safe landing spot even though there were multiple landing areas in easy gliding distance 6) jumped out of the plan with a selfie stick which is not normal behaviour during a crisis . 7) Made his way to the wreck and took all the cameras 8) had the wreck disposed of before contact the authorities . None of which deals with the fact he had fire extinguishers strapped to his legs since that not technically illegal or the deliberate crashing of his plane into national reserve. He can reapply after a year o get his license back but the chances are slim to none he going to get one again. Trevor of course is assuming we are all idiots and is in serious need of growing up along with being a tad less elfish. Of course he likely got bigger issues since deliberately crashing a plane into a national reserve tends to get you in a huge amount of trouble. I believe his lawyer has told him to shut the hell up and if he smart he will listen to that advice for once altough given his behaviour the smart part questionable.

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