Idaho Man Sentenced for Deliberate Attempt to Spread HIV to Men and Teenage Boys
Idaho man sentenced to 30 years for intentionally attempting to transmit HIV through unprotected intercourse with multiple men and boys, as announced by prosecutors. ... Read More.
Police Arrest Suspect in Disturbing Bronx Assault Caught on Video
Police apprehend the man seen in a disturbing video dragging a woman down a Bronx street with a belt around her neck before sexually assaulting her between parked cars. ... Watch Now.
Legal Showdown: Husband's Deceptive Web of Lies Unravels in Wife's Tragic Death
Daniel Bartholemew Krug, 43, faces a legal battle over his alleged role in his wife’s death. Accused of impersonating her ex, he now finds himself entangled in a web of deception and tragedy. ... Read More.
Miami Beach Police Unveil World's First Luxury Police Car to Attract Recruits
Miami Beach Police department introduces the world’s first luxury police car - a Rolls-Royce. Join the force and ride in style! ... Watch Now.
Authorities Continue Search for Suspected Shooter in Fatal McDonald's Shooting of Houston Attorney
Authorities report that the suspected shooter remains at large after a fatal shooting at a Houston McDonald’s. Victim identified as Houston attorney Jeffrey Limmer. ... Watch Now.
Flight Attendants Accused of Smuggling Millions Through JFK Airport to Dominican Republic
Flight attendants on JFK-Dominican Republic flights allegedly used quick security access to smuggle millions undetected. Authorities link cash to drug sales. ... Read More.
Florida Police Raid Wrong Home, Fatally Shoot US Airman; Family Wants Bodycam Released To Public
Roger Fortson, a 23-year-old airman in the US Air Force, tragically lost his life in a disturbing incident at his off-base apartment. Details reveal a harrowing sequence of events leading to his untime ... Read More.
Decades of Alleged Child Abuse at Illinois Youth Detention Camps Lead to 95 Lawsuits
Illinois case filed by 95 individuals alleging childhood sexual abuse in state youth detention camps over 20 years. Lawsuit accuses state workers of negligence, spanning from 1996-2017 in Illinois Yout ... Watch Now.
Police Raid Drake's Mansion After Drive-By Shooting: Security Guard Injured
Police respond to a drive-by shooting at Drake’s Toronto residence, leaving a security guard wounded. Heavy police presence reported at the opulent Bridle Path neighborhood. ... Read More.
Fatal Crash: Motorist Dies in High-Speed Collision at White House
A motorist lost his life in Washington, DC, after crashing into a White House door. The high-speed collision occurred around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday. The man, unnamed, was found dead inside the vehicle ... Watch Now.
The Mystery of the "Los Feliz Murder Mansion": A Decades-Long Empty Enigma
Discover the eerie tale of the “Los Feliz Murder Mansion” in the LA suburbs. Uninhabited for 60 years, this opulent estate on Glendower Place has a haunting history of vacant ownership and resale attem ... Watch Now.
Stormy Daniels' Attorney Attempts Word Semantics During Donald Trump Hush Money Trial
Former President Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial reveals Stormy Daniels’ attorney’s testimony on a hush-money deal. Details emerge about the adult film star’s affair denial. ... Read More.
Florida School Police Officer Arrested After 3-Year-Old Son Shoots Himself with Her Gun
A school police officer in Florida was arrested after her 3-year-old son accidentally shot himself with her gun at home. The mother, Stephanie Jerez, faces child abuse charges. The incident occurred wh ... Watch Now.
Miami Couple Accused of Trafficking Cuban Women as Exotic Dancers into the U.S.
Luis Ariel Escalante and Vicenta Polanco arrested in Miami for alleged kidnapping and exploitation of Cuban women. Accused of luring victims to U.S. as exotic dancers, confiscating IDs post-border cros ... Read More.
Utah Woman Arrested After Friend's Tragic Death in Murder-Suicide Plot
21-year-old Utah woman arrested for murder after a fatal shooting incident. Heavenly Faith Garfield faces charges of death and criminal discharge of a firearm. Currently in jail without bail since May ... Read More.

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