Devastating Medication Mixup: Las Vegas Woman's Tragic Pregnancy Loss Sparks CVS Controversy
Timika Thomas of Las Vegas raised awareness about a devastating medication mixup at CVS that led to the unintended termination of her desired pregnancy. Previous experiences with two ectopic pregnancie ... Watch Now.
PA State Trooper Charged with False Imprisonment and Unlawful Admission: A Shocking Case of Abuse of Power
In Pennsylvania, a State Police trooper who is married has been charged with false imprisonment. The trooper is accused of forcefully detaining his ex-girlfriend and unlawfully admitting her to a menta ... Watch Now.
Justice Served: Conviction in Heartbreaking Case of Murdered Teen and Unborn Child
Johnathan Quiles has been convicted of first-degree murder in the unfortunate and heartbreaking case involving the death of his pregnant niece, Iyana Sawyer. The recent delivery of the verdict has prov ... Watch Now.
[WATCH] These Individuals Should Have Known Running From The Law Was Not A Good Idea
There are several intellectual reasons why it is not advisable to run from the police. At the trial level, the assistant district attorney, also known as the prosecutor, has the opportunity to invoke t ... Watch Now.
[WATCH] When Bad Cops Realize They've Been Arrested
The notion that a person being interrogated should display grief or concern upon learning about someone is death as an indicator of their guilt has always been a point of contention for me. However, wh ... Watch Now.
Controversial Allegations: Flight Attendant Accused of Secretly Capturing Teen's Privacy; Parents Angry
The concerned guardians of an adolescent female, who happened to be aboard an American Airlines flight traversing from Charlotte, North Carolina to Boston, Massachusetts, assert that a singular flight ... Read More.
Justice Prevails: After 25 Years, Innocent Man Jesse Johnson Walks Free
Jesse Johnson’s release after 25 years of maintaining innocence. Wrongfully convicted in Salem’s murder case. Death sentence overturned, no retrial pursued by prosecutors. ... Watch Now.
Longest-known Wrongful Conviction Case Overturned: Leonard Mack Exonerated After 47 Years!
Leonard Mack, wrongfully convicted for 47 years, has finally been exonerated in a landmark case using DNA evidence. Discover the incredible story of justice served and the impact of new testing techniq ... Watch Now.
Former Proud Boys Chairman Sentenced to 22 Years for Capitol Riot Involvement: Landmark Verdict
Henry “Enrique” Tarrio, former Proud Boys national chairman, sentenced to 22 years for orchestrating significant gathering during Capitol riot. Longest sentence among those issued for the attack. Guilt ... Watch Now.
Tragic Heat-Related Death of Unprepared 12-Year-Old During Gym Class - A Heartbreaking Incident
On Tuesday, August 29, about 11 a.m., during his physical education class at Canyon Lake Middle School, the young student, Yahshua Robinson, reportedly fainted and lost consciousness. Since then, the c ... Watch Now.
Firefighters Face Charges in Alleged Gang Rape: Shocking Incident Unveiled in New Mexico
Charges filed against three New Mexico firefighters for alleged involvement in a disturbing incident. Learn more about this safety concern and the importance of awareness and prevention. ... Watch Now.
Former Cardinal McCarrick, 93, Declared Unfit for Trial: No Charges in Decades-Old Assault Case
On August 30, Judge Paul J. McCallum of Massachusetts made a ruling stating that the former Roman Catholic Cardinal is deemed unfit to stand trial. The charges against him involve allegations of sexual ... Watch Now.
Double Tragedy: Arrest Made in Brutal Murder of Young Couple and Unborn Child
Due to this tragic tragedy, Donovan Fiengo’s little kid is now orphaned, leaving us to wonder what kind of harm such brutality might do. The knowledge that this helpless boy would have to grow up witho ... Watch Now.
Tragic Murder-Suicide in Lake Wales: Mother Takes the Lives of Her Children Amid Custody Dispute
In an alleged murder-suicide, Brandy Hutchins, a woman residing in Lake Wales, tragically ended the lives of her two children before afterwards taking her own life. The motivation for this destructive ... Watch Now.
Former Police Officer Opens Fire at Famous Bar, Leaving 3 Dead and 6 Injured, Including Ex-Wife
The Orange County Sheriff’s Department said that the person who shot the man was John Snowling, who used to be a captain with the Ventura police force. John Snowling, who was 59 years old, went to Cook ... Read More.

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