Florida Man Released From Jail After Blocking Trump's Motorcade: "It Was Worth It"
After being detained for obstructing former President Trump’s motorcade in downtown Miami, a 61-year-old man named Domenic Santana recently spoke to the public for the first time since his release. Acc ... Read More.
New England Patriots Player Caught With Loaded Weapons at Boston Airport
The two weapons were found by TSA personnel while conducting a “regular X-ray scan” of New England Patriots Jones’ Jack Jones’ carry-on luggage, the agency stated in a statement sent to CBS News. Jones ... Read More.
Tragic Hit-and-Run: NY Woman's Walk Home Turned Deadly As Drunk Co-Worker
A New York woman walking home from a night out with a coworker was tragically killed in a hit-and-run incident. The incident occurred soon after she declined to get in a car with her inebriated coworke ... Read More.
Justice for Ajike Owens: Suspect Detained nearly a Week after Shooting through Mother's Front Door
Nearly a week after shooting Ajike Owens, a mother of four children, through her front door, Susan Louise Lorincz was detained on suspicion of manslaughter with a firearm, culpable negligence, battery, ... Read More.
8th Person Caught: Sting Operation Leads to Arrest at Itasca High School Superintendent
Michael Stevens, a 47-year-old, was arrested for internet solicitation of a juvenile at Itasca High School. It’s disturbing that this includes the superintendent of the Itasca ISD. This is one of eight ... Read More.
Florida Woman Arrested for Theft, Ends Up Facing Charges for Child Negligence and Car Arson
Police in Florida arrested a woman they claim was stealing at a mall and charged her with aggravated child negligence and arson after her car caught fire. An Oviedo police report from May 26 states tha ... Read More.
Mystery Deepens as Cleveland Region Reports Almost 30 Missing Kids in Just Two Weeks, Many Without Photos
A local police chief claimed that in his 33 years on the job, he had never seen anything like the almost 30 missing kid reports that came in during a two-week period at the beginning of May in the Clev ... Read More.
New Jersey Attorney Arrested for Boston Sex Assaults After 13 Years on the Loose: FBI
The alleged history of a 35-year-old New Jersey-based attorney came back to haunt him on Tuesday afternoon when he was detained in connection with a string of sex assaults that took place in Boston in ... Read More.
Elizabeth Holmes: From Silicon Valley to a White-Collar Prison Camp in Texas
Elizabeth Holmes scammed investors will get $452M in restitution, but experts say it’s largely symbolic as she lacks resources to cover the debt. Her assets are likely being seized while she’s incarcer ... Read More.
Guardian Angel or Devil in Disguise? Stolen Car Causes Chaos in Juvenile Detention Case
Discover how an arrest led to an unexpected twist in a Maryland vehicle theft case. Two stolen Hyundais found in an unlikely place according to KOMO. ... Read More.
Florida Police Officer Killed in Six-Minute Battle with Teen Illegal Alien Suspect
Sergeant Michael Kunovich attempted to pat down 18-year-old illegal immigrant Vergilio Aguilar Mendez in St. Augustine, Florida. Mendez resisted, and when he tried to flee, more deputies were called to ... Read More.
Arkansas Psychiatrist Accused of Holding Patients Hostage in Insurance Fraud Scheme | DEA Investigating!!
On Tuesday, federal officials raided the Arkansas office of a psychiatrist accused of holding patients against their will. The psychiatrist was also being investigated by state authorities for Medicaid ... Read More.
Woman on a Rampage: Over 400 Cars Keyed, Costs Thousands in Damage
According to officials, a woman has been accused of vandalizing over 400 cars individually at dealerships in Canada over a four-month period. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police revealed in a news releas ... Read More.
California Man Dies While Helping Ducks Cross Road: A Story Of Heroism And Tragedy
A man from Northern California passed away while helping a family of ducks cross a major intersection, according to Rocklin Police. The tragedy occurred in the city of Rocklin, California. Eyewitnesses ... Read More.
From Commutation to Conviction: Obama's Releasee Charged with Attempted Murder in Chicago
A 54-year-old man from Chicago was arrested by Illinois State Police on charges of attempted murder, after receiving a life sentence reduction for crack distribution from then-President Barack Obama. T ... Read More.

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