Chicago Police Officers Fire Nearly 100 Shots in 41 Seconds During Traffic Stop: Shocking Video Released
Graphic video shows Chicago police officers firing nearly 100 shots during a fatal traffic stop. Incident unfolds in 41 seconds, resulting in driver’s death and officer’s injury. Undercover operation e ... Watch Now.
Fatal Road Rage: 26-Year-Old Woman Killed in Massachusetts Incident
Tragic incident in Massachusetts: 26-year-old woman dies in a road rage encounter. Details emerge about the altercation involving Ryan Sweatt, 36, on Route 85. ... Watch Now.
Florida Woman Jailed for Stealing from President Biden's Daughter and Selling Diary to Media Group
Florida woman sentenced for stealing items from Ashley Biden, including her diary, and selling them to a right-wing media group before the 2020 election. ... Read More.
Man Goes to Extreme Lengths to Evade $100,000 in Child Support, Faces Prison Time and Hefty Fines
A man in Kentucky did everything he could to avoid paying more than $100,000 in back child support. Now he faces years in prison and fines that could be much higher than that amount. According to NBC N ... Watch Now.
$30M LA Heist: Thieves Strike Money Storage Facility, Undetected Until Next Day
Burglars entered through the roof undetected, pulling off a massive theft at a business whose owners only found out upon opening the vault on Monday. ... Watch Now.
Man Charged with Setting Fire at Bernie Sanders' Vermont Office - No Injuries Reported
Authorities are currently conducting an investigation into a fire that occurred at the office of US Senator Bernie Sanders, suspecting it to be an act of arson. The incident occurred in the home state ... Watch Now.
Arrested: San Bernardino Sheriff's Deputy With Alleged Biker Gang Connections
Chris Bingham worked as an officer for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department during the day. He also ran a gun shop in the city of Twentynine Palms on the side for many years. ... Read More.
$30 Million Heist: Massive Cash Theft in San Fernando Valley on Easter Sunday
An L.A. police official said Wednesday that thieves broke into a money storage facility in the San Fernando Valley on Easter Sunday and stole up to $30 million. This was one of the biggest cash thefts ... Watch Now.
Newly Released Video: Sheriff's Officers Fatally Shoot Teenage Girl in Southern California Highway Showdown
Newly released video and audio show that sheriff’s officers fatally shot and killed a teenage girl who had been taken by her father while she was following their orders and looking like she was giving ... Watch Now.
Federal Court Rejects Hunter Biden's Attempt to Drop Tax Charges; Judge Claims Case Not Politically Driven
Hunter Biden, the president’s son, tried to get federal tax charges dropped on Monday, but a federal court said no. Judge Scarsi, on the other hand, said he does not see any proof that the charges are ... Read More.
AT&T Reveals Massive Data Breach: 7.6 Million Current, 65.4 Million Past Users' Social Security Numbers Exposed
AT&T informed millions of consumers of the internet data breach. The AP reported that AT&T revealed Saturday that a “dark web” dataset has Social Security numbers for 7.6 million current and 65.4 milli ... Watch Now.
Unveiling Secrets: Wired's Investigation Used Cell Data to Track Up To 166 Epstein Island Guests During 2016-2019
Discover how Wired uncovers a document utilizing cell data from Near Intelligence to reveal the locations of potential guests or victims worldwide and in the US. Near Intelligence maps various high-cos ... Read More.
California Board Member Caught Stealing 30K Worth Of Water For His Farm; Admits Guilt
An elected member of a Ventura County water board admitted that he stole water for his farm in Oxnard, which is a crime. In a news statement on Friday, Ventura County District Attorney Erik Nasarenko s ... Read More.
Tragedy Strikes: Japanese Health Pills Linked to Deaths and Hospitalizations
Five deaths and over 100 hospitalizations linked to Japanese health pills. Delayed public disclosure by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. raises concerns. ... Watch Now.
Federal Charges Filed Against Former GOP Candidate: Accused of Soliciting to Kill Witnesses Multiple Times
Péña is also charged with having a gun while being a criminal in the new accusation. “Peña faces up to life in prison if he is found guilty,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. This summer, he is likely ... Watch Now.

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