San Francisco Giants' New Manager Sets the Tone: National Anthem Stand Required
New San Francisco Giants manager, Bob Melvin, makes standing for the national anthem mandatory for team members to show readiness to play. ... Read More.
Controversy at Deer Creek High: Toe-Sucking Fundraiser Raises Eyebrows and $150K!
State investigators probe controversial event at Deer Creek High involving students kissing toes at fundraiser. Despite backlash, $150,000 raised for charity celebrated. ... Watch Now.
Gwyneth Paltrow Sparks Conversation on Women's Empowerment: Lessons in Self-Acceptance from Black Women
Gwyneth Paltrow sparks discussion during Women’s History Month by highlighting lessons White women can learn from Black women, emphasizing self-acceptance over competition. ... Read More.
Elon Musk Sues OpenAI for Prioritizing Profit Over Open-Source Tech!
Elon Musk sues OpenAI, claiming the collaboration with Microsoft prioritizes profit over open-source tech for mankind. Tensions rise as Sam Altman, CEO, handles Musk’s criticism diplomatically. ... Read More.
Tragic Loss: Wife of Red Sox Legend Tim Wakefield Passes Away Just Months After His Death
Stacy Wakefield, the late wife of former Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield, has passed away at the age of 57, less than five months after her husband’s death. ... Watch Now.
Illinois Supreme Court Seeks Special Prosecutor's Advice in Jussie Smollett Case
In an attempt to have Jussie Smollett’s appeal of his conviction on five counts of disorderly conduct resulting from a hate crime hoax dismissed, the Illinois Supreme Court has received advice from a s ... Read More.
Former Professor's $1 Billion Donation Covers Tuition for All Students at NYC Medical School
Former professor Ruth Gottesman’s $1 billion donation covers tuition for NYC medical school students. Learn about her legacy and ties to Warren Buffett. ... Watch Now.
Texas Judge Rules in Favor of School's Dreadlock Discipline: No Violation of State Law
Texas court rules in favor of high school’s hair policy after Black student’s suspension. Darryl George remains out of school since August at Barbers Hill High School. ... Watch Now.
GoFundMe Stands Firm: Trump Fundraiser Survives Fraud Verdict Backlash
GoFundMe confirms legality of fundraising for Trump post civil fraud verdict. Find out more about the controversial fundraiser in response to a $355 million ruling. ... Read More.
Man's Viral X (Previously Twitter) Post on Divorce Due to Lack of Intimacy Ignites Online Debate
A man’s viral post about divorcing his wife due to lack of intimacy sparks a heated online debate. Details revealed about his struggles in marriage and personal life. ... Read More.
Putin: Non-Traditional Gender Orientations Welcome in Russia, with a Caveat; Don't Touch The Kids
President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that those who identify as non-traditional sexual orientations are welcome in Russia as long as they do not harass minors or show off their choices. Putin: Non ... Read More.
Supreme Court Backs Virginia Magnet School's Admissions Process Despite Conservative Justices' Dissent
Fairfax County School Board ditches standardized tests, now factors in student economic status, language skills, and school attendance for a more holistic approach to assessment. ... Watch Now.
Archdiocese Of NY Denounces Funeral Service For Trans Activist As Sacreligious!
St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan hosts a trans activist’s viral funeral, sparking criticism from the Archdiocese of New York. Cecilia Gentili, a champion for sex workers and those with HIV/AIDS, re ... Read More.
Man Sues DC Lottery for $340M Jackpot Mishap
John Cheeks discovered he won the $340 million Powerball prize the day after the draw. Despite officials’ claim of a mistake, he’s suing for his winnings. ... Watch Now.
Truck Drivers Allegedly Will Boycott NYC Over Trump's $350 Million Penalty
In an effort to express their displeasure with the civil fraud ruling that penalized former president Donald Trump more than $350 million, truck drivers who support him have said that they would not be ... Read More.

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