NEW SURVEY: Michelle Obama Emerges as Top Democrat to Beat Trump in November Showdown
New survey reveals only Michelle Obama has a shot at beating Trump in November. According to Reuters/Ipsos, she leads with 50% to Trump’s 39%. Learn more about the potential matchup! ... Read More.
Vulnerable Democrats Warn: Stick with Biden, Face Defeat
Legislators face a crisis post Joe Biden’s debate performance, shaking up the presidential election and American history. ... Read More.
GOP Hopeful Boasts Escort Earnings Amid Allegations of Tarantula Attack
Republican candidate from Minnesota facing tarantula-throwing charges & escort claims. Incident at home leads to detention as Hennepin County Board candidate. ... Watch Now.
RUMORS: Democrats Set to Confirm Joe Biden as Presidential Nominee Ahead of Convention
Democrats set to confirm Joe Biden as their presidential nominee a month before their convention, dispelling rumors of a replacement. ... Read More.
Biden's New College Debt Repayment Plan: Federal Court Approves Cheaper Payments!
Court ruling allows SAVE income-driven repayment plan users to access enhanced perks initially set for July, yet paused over legal issues. ... Read More.
Biden Family Urges President to Stay Strong Amid Calls for Change, Hunter Reportedly Playing Huge Part
Hunter Biden urges his father, President Biden, to stay in the presidential campaign amidst pressures to withdraw. ... Read More.
Democratic Party in Turmoil: Leaders Claims Biden Campaign Misled Them About Biden's Health
DNC members upset over health info, campaign labels worried Dems as “bedwetters.” Calls for Biden to step back from reelection. ... Read More.
Lindsey Graham Vows Retaliation Against Biden if Trump Returns to Oval Office
Senator Lindsey Graham vows retaliation on President Joe Biden if Donald Trump returns to the Oval Office in November. ... Watch Now.
MSNBC Host Criticizes Democrats for Prioritizing Party Over Country After Biden's Disastrous Debate Performance
Chuck Todd criticizes Democrats for prioritizing party over country after Joe Biden’s debate performance. ... Read More.
Kamala Harris Missing from Democratic Panic Messages After Biden's Debate Performance
Democratic panic messages sent after Biden’s debate performance lacked mention of Vice President Kamala Harris - a notable absence raising questions. ... Read More.
Survey: Majority of Independent Voters Want Biden to Withdraw from 2024 Campaign
68% of independent voters call for President Joe Biden to withdraw from 2024 election after poor debate performance. Survey by JL Partners shows divided opinions. ... Read More.
Biden-Harris Campaign Strikes Gold After Debate Fiasco: $27M Fundraising Haul!
President Biden’s reelection campaign raises $27 million post-debate with $14 million collected on debate day. Grassroots support shines, marking the largest fundraising hour since the campaign’s incep ... Read More.
Bill Maher Predicts Biden's Defeat to Trump: Post-Debate Regrets Ahead
Comedian Bill Maher predicts Biden will lose to Trump in the November election and suggests that those who think otherwise will regret their view. ... Watch Now.
Morning Joe Set Tensions Rise Over Biden's Poor Debate Performance
Morning Joe hosts clash over President Biden’s debate performance, hinting at a potential Trump win. Analysis of missed opportunities and calls for calm. ... Watch Now.
WH Claims President Biden's Performance Was Handicapped Due To "A Cold"
Biden and Trump sparred over immigration, abortion, and the economy in a historic face-off. Watch the oldest presidential contenders in action. During their Thursday night discussion, Democratic Presi ... Read More.

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