GOP Presidential Candidates Speak Out Against Donald J. Trump Indictment
Former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley, telecommunications magnate Vivek Ramaswamy, and businessman Perry Johnson all criticized Bragg’s investigation of the case. ... Read More.
Fox News Waters Begs DeSantis To Start Hitting Back At Donald Trump
‘DeSantis is getting beat up,’ he declared. When Trump first began to attack him as governor, I thought it was quite astute of him to remain silent. His pain is real. It looks like he’s been injured. ... Read More.
DeSantis Would Be Employed At A Law Firm Or Pizza Shop If Not For My Endorsement | Donald Trump
Donald Trump added, “I got him the nomination. He could never have received the nomination, by the way. Right now, he would be employed in a legal firm or a pizzeria, and he wouldn’t be very pleased. D ... Read More.
Trump-Critic Nancy Mace Says She Doesn't Want To Be Talking About Porn Stars During 2024 Primary
Nancy Mace called Mr. Trump’s recent rally in Texas “distracting and detrimental to our country,” in addition to his expected indictment from a New York grand jury for campaign finance violations for a ... Read More.
Undeclared DeSantis Is Already Trying To Make Changes To Potential 2024 Run After Losing Ground In Polls | Report
Even though Ron DeSantis had a difficult week, he and his backers don’t appear to be slowing down. The governor of Florida will attend a fundraiser for the state GOP in New Hampshire the following mont ... Read More.
Donald Trump Vows To Fight: '2024 is the final battle—it’s going to be the big one'
As Trump stated on Saturday, “our opponents have done everything they can to kill our spirit and to weaken our will.” He further claimed that his “adversaries are trying to stop us.” But they failed, h ... Read More.
Donald Trump: I Never Considered Ron DeSantis For VP
No, Trump replied, “I never considered it. “I believe that the Republican Party has a lot of wonderful members. I had never considered it. But, you know, occasionally, a few people may bring it up, but ... Read More.
PA Judge Tosses RNC Lawsuit That Would Have Barred Counties From Correcting Mail-In Ballot Irregularities
Counties in Pennsylvania with a Democratic majority have been more likely to engage in ballot curing. A voter who forgets to date or sign their ballot envelope will receive a notice reminding them to d ... Read More.
Ron DeSantis Reveals If He'd Be Trump's Vice President By Laughing It Off
“I believe I’m probably, you know, more of an executive guy,” DeSantis said after a pause. I assume you want to accomplish things. I got this position because we have action. We can achieve. DeSantis c ... Read More.
DeSantis Critical Of Trump's Management Style Including Not Firing Dr. Fauci
During his interview with Morgan, DeSantis was extremely critical of Trump’s management style, citing the firing of Dr. Anthony Fauci as an example of how he would have handled the situation differentl ... Read More.
DeSantis Hit With State Ethics Violation; "Running Shadow Campaign"
Trump’s friends say DeSantis ran a “shadow presidential campaign” and broke state election and ethics laws. DeSantis hasn’t commented on a presidential run since November, when Trump entered the race. ... Read More.
Nikki Haley: DeSantis Is Copying Trump's Ukraine Position
First in terms of demeanor, then in terms of entitlement reform, and most recently in terms of Ukraine, President Trump is correct in his assessment that Governor DeSantis is trying to emulate him. The ... Read More.
Trump: "We Do Have To Do Something About Mitch McConnell"
“We do have to do something about Mitch McConnell,” Trump said in Davenport to applause. “He’s awful. His 10 men do whatever Biden wants. Something’s happening. ... Read More.
Trump Returns To Iowa To Kickoff Campaign 2024
Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds introduced the former president at the Adler Theater in downtown Davenport. She said Trump never abandoned middle America. “He delivered for Iowa,” she said. ... Read More.
DeSantis Not Worried About Trump Attacks; I Have Legislative Achievements!
He said people can make fun of you if you’re successful, but it won’t matter. We’ve accomplished a lot, but the best is yet to come. ... Read More.

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