Ron DeSantis High-Dollar Campaign Now Facing Layoffs, Replacements After First Two Months
The donor continued, “DeSantis stock isn’t rising.” Twenty percent isn’t what people expected to get into this. According to the source, DeSantis is constantly rotating employees, so he lacks a stable, ... Read More.
IN TROUBLE: Mike Pence's Campaign and Super PAC Fall Short; Raises Only $3.85 Million in Q2
With only three weeks left until the end of the fundraising quarter, Pence entered the GOP primary for 2024 in early June. During that time, his Committed to America super PAC raised about $2.6 million ... Read More.
Ron DeSantis Faces Test: Can He Overcome Style Deficiencies and Connection Issues in Upcoming Debate?
“The debate is more important for Ron DeSantis than any of the other candidates,” said Republican strategist Alex Conant, who worked as communications director for Sen. Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential ... Read More.
Trump and Hannity Unite Again: Second Town Hall Discussion on the Horizon!
Former President Donald Trump and Fox News host Sean Hannity are set to participate in their second town hall discussion next week. This comes after Trump announced that he would be skipping Tucker Car ... Read More.
Murdoch Growing Skeptical of DeSantis vs. Trump in 2024 GOP Primary | Report
An insider at Fox News told Rolling Stone that Rupert Murdoch and his son Lachlan Murdoch have remarkable intuition when it comes to identifying those who are likely to fail. Murdoch’s concerns about b ... Read More.
Florida Governor Ron Desantis Declines Chance to Be Former President Trump's Running Mate
“I don’t believe that. I’m not a No. 2 guy, DeSantis declared on the “Wisconsin Right Now” radio program, adding that the vice presidency “doesn’t really have any authority” and that he would prefer to ... Read More.
Kennedy Jr. Slams Transfer of Cluster Munitions in Ukraine Amid Administration's War Effort
For the Democratic nomination, Kennedy, who is Biden’s strongest polling rival, noted that they are so lethal that more than 100 nations have signed an international treaty prohibiting their use. Accor ... Read More.
Blaze Media Chooses Tucker Carlson as Host for 2024 Republican Presidential Forum, But One Name Left Out
The first presidential forum of the 2024 Republican Primary season will be presented by Blaze Media in collaboration with THE FAMiLY LEADER and hosted by Tucker Carlson, according to a statement from t ... Read More.
Trump Set to Dominate 2024 Republican Primary, Even in DeSantis' Home State!
According to a study from the Florida Atlantic University Mainstreet PolCom Lab, DeSantis would fare better than most of his rivals if the GOP presidential primary were held today, receiving 30.2 perce ... Read More.
DeSantis: National Primary Polls Irrelevant! Celebrating Success in Early States with 'Mamas Movement'
DeSantis explains the limitations of national primary polls and highlights the success of launching the “Mamas Movement” in early states like Iowa, endorsed by Governor Kim Reynolds. ... Watch Now.
Florida Governor Criticizes Donald Trump for Alleged Collusion with Big Tech in Hunter Biden Story
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blasted the former president for not dismissing those involved in the alleged collusion at the time, alleging that agencies in the Trump administration “colluded” with Big ... Read More.
GOP Strategists: DeSantis's Campaign Ripples, Prompting Alternatives to Reevaluate Presidential Runs
GOP strategists suggest that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s underwhelming campaign is causing Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to reconsider their presidential bids. Critics argue ... Read More.
DeSantis' Struggle: Battling for Traction Against Trump
DeSantis has struggled to gain traction against Trump since he declared his candidacy, despite visiting and campaigning in crucial swing states like Iowa and New Hampshire. Even if Trump decides not to ... Read More.
Iowa Republicans Set Early Date for 2024 Presidential Primary Elections
Republicans in Iowa unanimously agreed on Saturday to hold their presidential primary elections on January 15, 2024, which will be the earliest they have done since 2012. After speaking with Ronna McDa ... Read More.
Political Shake-Up: Vivek Ramaswamy Gains Ground as Ron DeSantis' Numbers Plummet!
The second-place GOP candidate is no longer comfortably in second place at 26%, as he was in March, when he was far ahead of the pack that lagged behind (and still trails) front-runner Donald Trump. In ... Read More.

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