Democratic Party Will Support Biden's Reelection And Will Not Sponsor Any Debates | WAPO
The DNC has no plans to host a primary debate, according to the report in The Post. Some of the contributors said they anticipate being asked to plan future fundraisers for Biden’s reelection, accordin ... Read More.
WSJ Editorial Goes Viral As It Advises Joe Biden Not To Run Again
“However, the strongest justification for not running is for the nation’s patriotic benefit. Every week, the globe becomes more perilous, and the United States is up against more powerful foes than at ... Read More.
Doing It Again? Joe Biden Scheduled To Announce Re-election Bid At 80 Years Old
Joe Biden would be 86 by the time he finished serving a second term, making him the oldest US president in history at the age of 80. Trump is the Republicans’ leading candidate right now, which increas ... Read More.
Mark Simone Gives Scathing Analysis Of Ron DeSantis: He Is Incapable Of Debating Or Negotiating
On Wednesday, Kudlow questioned the governor’s obsession with the business in an interview with Fox Business. “I just want to point out that Governor DeSantis is on the verge of embarrassing himself wi ... Read More.
DeSantis In DeTrouble! Republican Donor Claims He And Friends Are Backing Off For Now
According to the Hungarian-born billionaire, DeSantis has lost some “momentum,” making him “reluctant” to support the as-yet-undisclosed candidate for the 2024 primary nomination. ... Read More.
Jim Jordan Likes The 2024 GOP Field But His Unwavering Support Is For Donald Trump
No one has proven that they will carry through on their promises and accomplish goals the way he did, and he did it with everyone in that community working against him. And that’s why I still admire Pr ... Read More.
DeSantis NH Speech: We Don't Have Leaks, We Don't Have Drama; Then This Happened!
At the GOP’s Amos Tuck fundraiser dinner, where the governor gave a speech, a record-breaking $382,000 was raised. VIP permits sold for $500 while regular tickets were $150. DeSantis began his address ... Read More.
Mike Pompeo Makes Decision On Joining GOP 2024 Presidential Field
He declared his intention to eventually back the Republican candidate. Former president Donald Trump, ex-U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley, former governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson, and tech tycoon Vivek R ... Read More.
DeSantis Team Allegedly Contacting Remaining FL State Politicians To Not Endorse Donald Trump
Although DeSantis is thought to be Trump’s biggest rival, new surveys indicate that Trump really has a significant lead in the upcoming Republican primary elections. Even though they were formerly clos ... Read More.
Fox News To Host 1st Republican Primary Debate; Rumble To Play Huge Role Also
The RNC is thrilled to stream live on Rumble, she added, since “we are getting away from big tech, YouTube is owned by Google.” The platform’s CEO, Chris Pavlovski, stated that “protecting free speech ... Read More.
In His Father's Footsteps! RFK Jr To Challenge Joe Biden For 2024 Democratic Nomination
His father ran for the Democratic nomination in 1968 but was slain by Sirhan Sirhan while out campaigning. He will follow in his father’s footsteps. ... Read More.
John Bolton: Expect Trump To Use Indictment As Rocket Fuel For His 2024 Campaign
A grand jury charged Trump last week over the alleged payment of $130,000 to adult film actress Stormy Daniels to prevent her from disclosing an affair. Trump disputes having had any sexual relations w ... Read More.
Former Arkansas Governor Declares For 2024 GOP Presidential Nomination
Hutchinson said that the former president should concentrate on his defense rather than making a second run for the presidency because the indictment would turn into too much of a “sideshow.” ... Read More.
President Donald Trump's Lead Grows After Indictment
According to a poll conducted by Yahoo News and YouGov after the grand jury authorized the indictment against Trump, the former president has a commanding lead over any potential Republican challenger, ... Read More.
Prominent Republican Asks Donald Trump To Step Aside After Indictment
“When a public figure is accused of a crime, I believe they should resign since their position takes precedence over them personally. This should adhere to that criteria, “He was referring to Trump, Th ... Read More.

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