Trump Believes RFK Jr. Threatens America's Future with Green New Scam
Donald Trump thinks that by taking votes away from President Joe Biden, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential candidacy is helping America. There are worries, meanwhile, that the Independent candidate w ... Read More.
Kari Lake's Legal Team Decides Not To Challenge The Defamation Lawsuit Against Her - What's Next?
Legal representatives acting on behalf of Kari Lake, a candidate for the Arizona Senate, have made the decision to abandon the defamation lawsuit filed against her. They have opted not to challenge the ... Read More.
Texas Voters Could Choose 'Literally Anybody Else' as Candidate in November
Texas voters may have the chance to vote for ‘Literally Anybody Else’, a candidate challenging the two-party system. A math teacher and military veteran changed his name to run as an independent candid ... Watch Now.
Former RNC Chair Michael Steele Urges Republicans: Vote Biden for Your Country!
Discover insights from Steele and panelists on MSNBC’s The Weekend discussing Republicans’ stance on the former president and Biden. Focus on Mike Pence’s decision not to support Trump. ... Watch Now.
RFK Jr. Eyes Nicole Shanahan, Ex-Wife of Google Co-Founder, as Potential Running Mate
Nicole Shanahan is an attorney and businesswoman that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent presidential candidate, is apparently considering for her running partner. According to a Saturday article on ... Read More.
Mike Pence Faces MAGA Backlash After Refusing to Support Trump in 2024
After declaring that he would not be supporting former President Donald Trump—the presumed GOP contender for president in 2024—in November’s election, former Vice President Mike Pence has incited MAGA ... Read More.
Midjourney's AI Technology Cracks Down on Fictitious Photos of Biden and Trump Before Elections
Midjourney’s CEO, David Holz, announces a pause on fictitious photo creation of Presidents Biden and Trump during the election season. A move to curb misinformation. ... Read More.
Hillary Clinton Suggests Trump Supporters Would Prefer Putin over Trump
Hillary Clinton suggests Trump supporters may align with Putin after Orban-Trump meeting discussing cutting US aid to Ukraine amidst the Ukraine crisis. ... Read More.
Arizona County Sheriff Endorses Rep. Ruben Gallego (D) Over Kari Lake (R) for Toss-Up Senate Seat
Arizona county sheriff endorses Rep. Ruben Gallego for Senate due to their shared stance on border issues and law enforcement support. ... Read More.
Judge Dismisses SOME Charges Against Trump in Georgia Election Case - What's Next?
Judge dismisses some accusations against former President Trump in the Georgia election interference case, impacting his potential 2024 presidential run. Judge Dismisses SOME Charges Against Trump in ... Read More.
President Trump Vows to Free Capitol "Hostages" Upon Taking Office
According to former US President Donald Trump, one of his “first acts” as president-elect would be to release the Capitol Hill protesters who were “wrongfully imprisoned.” Participating in the January ... Read More.
Trump Clinches Delegate Threshold for 2024 Republican Nomination, Securing Presumptive Nomination
Although Former President Donald Trump won the Republican primary in Washington on Tuesday night, he will not get the nomination until the Republican convention in Milwaukee in July. However, he has al ... Read More.
GOP's House Majority Faces Blow as Rep. Ken Buck Announces Departure
A fresh blow to the GOP’s already slim House majority came on Tuesday when Republican Representative Ken Buck revealed that he would be departing Congress at the end of next week. ... Watch Now.
President Biden Sweeps Georgia and Mississippi Primaries, Emerges as Democratic Front-Runner
With a win in Georgia’s primary on Tuesday, President Biden secured the Democratic nominee in the face of no real competition. Shortly after voting ended at 7 p.m. Eastern, the AP declared Biden the wi ... Read More.
Anti-Trump Republicans Rally to Prevent Trump's 2024 Presidential Victory With $50M Campaign
Republican Voters Against Trump’s creator, Sarah Longwell, thinks anti-Trump Republicans helped sway the 2020 election and can prevent him from winning the presidency this year. ... Read More.

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