Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Races Against Time to Qualify for Presidential Debate
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent candidate, races against time to qualify for the June 27 presidential debate by filing a complaint with the U.S. election policy agency. Time is ticking with less ... Read More.
Eugene Vindman to Run for Virginia's 7th District Seat: A Democratic Pick with a Twin Twist!
Eugene Vindman, chosen by the Democratic Party to represent Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, gained fame alongside his twin brother, Alexander Vindman, during Trump’s first impeachment. ... Read More.
CNN Report: Debate Over Democracy vs. Republic Stirred by Trump Supporters
CNN reporter criticizes claims by Trump supporters that the US is a republic as an assault on democracy in recent broadcast. ... Watch Now.
Biden's Bold Move: A $50 Million Ad Blitz Against Trump's New Felony Conviction
Biden campaign’s ad portrays him as a defender of family values, contrasting Trump as a criminal. Includes a $50 million ad buy running until June. ... Read More.
Liberal Elites Plot? Joe's Fate Hangs on First Trump Showdown and Poll Numbers Plunge
Get insights on Joe’s potential response to challenges with Trump and declining ratings. ... Read More.
CNN Unveils Rules for Presidential Debate: No Audience, Muted Mics, and Podium Protocol
CNN has unveiled the guidelines for the June 27 presidential debate. No studio audience, muted mics, standard podium for each candidate. ... Read More.
DNC Amplifies Trump's Alleged 'Horrible City' Comment with 10 Milwaukee Billboards
Former President Trump plans a rally in Wisconsin to regain support after controversially dubbing Milwaukee “horrible.” The DNC responds with billboards on city stats. ... Watch Now.
Huge Dem Donor Jeffrey Katzenberg's Heavy Lift: Convincing Donors on Biden's Run Ability
Hollywood tycoon Jeffrey Katzenberg works to reassure Democratic donors about Joe Biden’s ability to run for office again. ... Read More.
President Joe Biden's Approval Ratings Plummet Ahead of 2024 Election: Is a Second Term in Jeopardy?
President Joe Biden’s approval ratings reach new low ahead of 2024 election. Discussions on risks of his candidacy emerge as some propose he may opt out of a second term. Despite challenges, maintains ... Read More.
2024 Election Forecast: Higher Voter Apathy Looms, Biden vs. Trump Rematch Ahead
2024 election predictions: More Americans may skip voting than in 2020. Biden and Trump face off again in a crucial rematch. ... Read More.
Federal Court Denies Trump's Request to Drop Charges: Obstruction Case Moves Forward
Federal court denies former President Donald Trump’s request to drop charges in a criminal case. Judge Aileen Cannon in Florida upholds the superseding indictment, including obstruction charges. ... Read More.
Survey Shows: Majority of President Biden's Backers in 2024 Are Anti-Trump Only
Discover insights from a CBS News/YouGov survey showing that a majority of President Biden’s backers in 2024 are motivated by opposition to former President Trump. ... Read More.
James Carville Urges Biden: Skip Re-Election Battle Against Trump!
Democratic strategist James Carville suggests President Joe Biden should not run for re-election against Donald Trump due to their advanced ages potentially deterring younger voters. Biden and Trump ar ... Read More.
Bill Maher Slams Biden's Immigration Order as Political Maneuver
Bill Maher critiques President Biden’s immigration executive order, suggesting it’s a move to boost reelection prospects. Maher believes the order won’t appease anyone and sees immigration as a key cha ... Watch Now.
James Carville Urges Biased Media Coverage Against Trump to Safeguard Democracy
Democratic strategist James Carville advocates increased biased coverage against former President Donald Trump by media outlets to prevent his potential victory in the next presidential election. Carvi ... Read More.

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