TikTok, OnlyFans Creator Alleges Secret Payment from Biden Administration for Political Propaganda Spreading
TikTok model from OnlyFans reveals receiving payment for posting “political propaganda” supporting Biden administration. ... Read More.
60-Year-Old Lawyer Shatters Stereotypes, Crowned Miss Universe Buenos Aires 2024
The winner of Miss Universe Buenos Aires 2024 is a 60-year-old La Plata lawyer and journalist. ... Watch Now.
Vanessa Williams Drops New Song and Music Video - Fans Rave!
Vanessa Williams wows fans with a new song and music video, “Legs (Keep Dancing),” released at 61. Social media buzzes with excitement over the latest release. ... Read More.
Zendaya's "Challengers" Hits $15 Million at the Box Office, Leading the Weekend with Stellar Performance
Challengers, a seductive tennis story, grossed $15 million at the box office this weekend. Zendaya’s star power shines in this cinematic hit alongside Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor. ... Read More.
Clippers' Quest for NBA Glory Marred by Dark Past: FX Trailer Shakes League
With four future Hall of Famers on their roster, the Los Angeles Clippers are favorites to win the franchise’s first championship in the NBA playoffs. However, a new trailer from FX serves as a somber ... Watch Now.
Aaron Sorkin Teases Sequel to The Social Network: Unveiling Facebook's Turbulent Journey
Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin plans a sequel to “The Social Network,” focusing on Facebook’s challenges. ... Watch Now.
Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Kissing "Ten Guys" for a Chemistry Read - A Candid Gross Reflection
Anne Hathaway opens up about the unusual experience of having to kiss “ten guys” for an audition back in the 2000s. ... Read More.
Prince Harry Officially Embraces American Residency: A Questionable Transition
It is official: Prince Harry is now an American. By giving up his British residency in new papers, Harry has made America his legal home. His first public words since his sister-in-law Kate Middleton t ... Read More.
Brazilian Influencer Diego Santos Dies in Reservoir Mishap While Filming Daring Stunt - Officials Suspect Foul Play
Diego’s brother, with 140,000+ Instagram followers, confirms his tragic death in a heartfelt post. Discover the heartbreaking story of his untimely passing into the river. ... Read More.
J.K. Rowling's Advice to Harry Potter Stars Sparks Controversy in Transgender Rights Debate
As their relationship continues to deteriorate due to their differing views on transgender rights, J.K. Rowling has advised Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, the actors of Harry Potter, to “save their ... Read More.
Man Sues 50 Women for $2.6 Million Over "Bad Date" Claims: Legal Battle Unfolds
California man files $2.6 million lawsuit against fifty women who labeled him a “bad date” on a Facebook group. Lawsuits claim disparaging remarks on “Are We Dating The Same Guy?” page. ... Read More.
Sean "Diddy" Combs Ex-Girlfriend Cooperating With Federal Investigation of Allegations of Sex Trafficking
Federal government supports accusers in legal cases against a businessman, including ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura. Music mogul remains visible, sharing Miami photos on social media. ... Read More.
Ex-"Good Morning America" Anchor Spills Relationship Drama on "Amy and T.J." Podcast
Former “Good Morning America 3” anchor shares struggles of relationships on podcast “Amy and T.J.” as he copes with his ex-co-anchor turned-lover’s travels. ... Read More.
Does Robert Downey Jr Want To Reprise His Iconic Iron Man Character? He Seems On Board With It!
Robert Downey Jr. just won his first Oscar for Oppenheimer, but he has no plans to forget his Marvel days. He even says he would “happily” come back as Tony Stark/Iron Man. ... Read More.
Football Star Turned Controversial Figure, O.J. Simpson, Passes Away at 76
O.J. Simpson was famous for football, but he was also notorious off the field. His family said he died Wednesday. He was 76 years old. Simpson was in hospice care because he had cancer. ... Read More.

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