Cori Bush Refutes Misuse of Government Funds Allegations, Blames "Right-Wing Groups"
Rep. Cori Bush denies allegations of misusing government funds for personal protection, blaming “right-wing groups.” Stay updated on the US Justice Department probe. ... Read More.
Congressional Showdown: Impeachment Articles and Fiery Responses Unfold
Republican Representative Mark Green accuses Secretary Mayorkas of wrongdoing, leading to articles of impeachment. Mayorkas refutes the charges, emphasizing his commitment to law enforcement and public ... Read More.
Senate Prepares for Legislation: Will Speaker Johnson Bring It to a Vote?
The Senate is moving forward with legislation despite Speaker Mike Johnson’s warning. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and allies are confident that strong Republican support will pressure John ... Read More.
Republicans Demands Revenge: American Military Personnel Killed in Drone Attack, Blames Iran
The U.S. accuses Iran-backed fighters of attacking American personnel and opposing Israel. The White House supports Israel against Hamas but tries to contain the conflict to avoid a wider Middle East w ... Read More.
Tragic Loss: Pentagon Identifies 3 Fallen Heroes in Jordanian Drone Strike
On Sunday, the Pentagon released the identities of the three American military personnel who tragically lost their lives in an unmanned aerial drone strike on a northeast Jordanian station. ... Read More.
$15 Million Reward for Arrest of Iranian Businessman Linked to Drone Technology Sales
American officials offer a $15 million reward for info on Iranian businessman Hossein Hatefi Ardakani, suspected of aiding in the sale of attack drone technology to Russia. ... Read More.
Oklahoma GOP Censures Sen. Lankford for Bipartisan Border Pact, Backlash Ensues
The Oklahoma Republican Party censures Sen. James Lankford for his bipartisan efforts on border agreements, condemning his “Open Border Deal”. Discover the resolution unveiled by the Oklahoma GOP State ... Read More.
Netanyahu vs. Biden: Clash Over Gaza and Two-State Solution
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tests President Joe Biden’s patience as airstrikes on Gaza continue. Biden calls for restraint, humanitarian aid, and a two-state solution, but Netanyahu rejec ... Read More.
Pressure Mounts: GOP Hawks Urge Direct Action Against Iran After Drone Strike
GOP hawks in Congress urge President Biden to confront Iran directly after a drone strike in Jordan. The strike, believed to have been carried out by a terrorist group supported by Iran, resulted in th ... Read More.
Ex-Chief of Staff Makes Bold Bid to Unseat Rep. Nancy Mace in South Carolina GOP Primary
Former chief of staff to Republican Representative Nancy Mace, Dan Hanlon, has made his first formal move in his attempt to unseat his former boss from Congress. In order to compete in the GOP primary ... Read More.
Pro-Palestinian Protestors Confront Sen. Fetterman with Flags and Chants - What Happened Next Will Surprise You!
The pro-Palestinian protestors who attacked Sen. John Fetterman’s (D-PA) residence on Friday night with flags and slogans received a kind response. Protesters yelled underneath Fetterman’s rooftop, “Fe ... Read More.
Controversy in Chicago: Neighborhood Voices Concerns Over Immigrant Shelter and Resource Impact
Residents express concerns and objections about a makeshift shelter for immigrants in a Chicago neighborhood. Impact on resources and programs outlined in a report submitted to city officials. Question ... Read More.
Arizona GOP Chair Caught on Tape: Attempted Bribery to Halt Kari Lake's Senate Bid
An audio tape has surfaced showing the Arizona Republican Party chairman attempting to pay Kari Lake to withdraw her candidacy for the Senate. ... Read More.
Federal Appeals Court Denies Trump's Request to Review Gag Order in Election Case
The federal appeals court in Washington has denied Donald Trump’s request to review a gag order that limits his ability to speak out in the case accusing him of attempting to overturn the 2020 election ... Watch Now.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Rejects Taxpayer-Funded Legal Fees for Trump
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rejects Republican-led attempt to use public funds for Trump’s legal fees. ... Read More.

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