US Aircraft Carrier Arrives in South Korea for Three-Way Drill Amid Rising North Korean Threats
US nuclear aircraft carrier joins South Korea for joint drill with Japan to boost readiness amid North Korean threats after security pact with Russia. On Saturday, a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrie ... Read More.
Texas AG Investigates Texas Children's Hospital Over Gender-Affirming Care Ban
Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office investigates Texas Children’s Hospital over gender-affirming treatment for kids amidst legislative changes in Texas. ... Read More.
Supreme Court Limits Second Amendment Rights: Landmark Ruling on Government's Authority to Disarm
Learn about the Supreme Court’s ruling on Second Amendment rights, affirming the government’s power to disarm individuals considered dangerous. ... Read More.
Trump Signals He Will Support Giving Green Cards To Graduating Foreign Students from U.S. Colleges
Former President backs green cards for foreign students graduating from US colleges. Focus on legal student visas, not undocumented immigrants or asylum seekers. ... Read More.
Steve Bannon's Prison Sentence Appeal Denied by Washington Appeals Court
Steve Bannon, a close ally of Donald Trump, faces jail time after a federal appeals court denied his request to avoid prison. He will serve a four-month term for contempt of Congress starting July 1st. ... Watch Now.
Charges Dropped for Columbia University Protesters Against Israel
Columbia University protesters’ charges dropped by Manhattan DA over Israel protest due to lack of evidence. 31 out of 46 individuals cleared of trespassing charges. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg dismisses ... Watch Now.
Missouri AG to Sue New York Over Alleged "Lawfare" Against Trump: Restoring Rule of Law in the Spotlight
Missouri AG to sue NY over “lawfare” against Trump. Alleges assault on democracy with unlawful laws. Time to restore the rule of law. ... Read More.
Russian President's Visit to North Korea Raises Alarms in U.S.: Implications on Peace and Resistance
The U.S. government expresses alarm over Putin’s visit to North Korea. Pentagon highlights concerns on ties between North Korea and Russia, impacting peace in the Korean Peninsula and Ukrainian resista ... Read More.
America's Heartland: Iowa's Immigration Enforcement Law Temporarily Halted by Federal Court
Iowa legislation allowing prosecution of criminals with pending deportation orders or prior refusal into the US halted by federal court temporarily. ... Watch Now.
House Democrat Attempts To Taint Supreme Court's Bump Stock Decision: NRA Flag Flies High Above Constitution
Representative Jamie Raskin criticizes Supreme Court’s decision on bump stocks, equating it to prioritizing NRA over Constitution and public safety. ... Watch Now.
American Journalist Faces Espionage Charges in Russia: A Case of Unfounded Accusations
American journalist Evan Gershkovich faces espionage charges in Yekaterinburg after being detained in Russia. ... Read More.
Supreme Court Reverses Trump-Era Bump Stock Ban in 6-3 Ruling on Gun Accessory
Supreme Court reverses Trump’s bump stock ban linked to deadliest US mass shooting, allowing semi-automatic weapons to mimic machine guns. ... Read More.
US Inflation Update: Rising Prices and Interest Rate Impact
Stay updated on US inflation trends. Consumer Price Index rises by 3.3% in May, impacting interest rates. Economists predict a 3.4% increase year-over-year and 0.1% monthly rise. ... Watch Now.
Biden's DOJ: Garland Immune from Contempt Charges Amidst Document Dispute
President Joe Biden’s DOJ document asserts AG Merrick Garland’s immunity from prosecution for contempt of Congress under executive privilege. ... Read More.
Supreme Court Unanimously Rejects Challenge to Abortion Pill by Doctors and Pro-Life Groups
Supreme Court rules on physicians’ challenge to FDA’s abortion pill guidelines. Kavanaugh notes objections but finds no harm to doctors from FDA’s actions. ... Read More.

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