Disney Sues Florida Governor Ron DeSantis; Cites "A Targeted Campaign Of Government Retaliation"
Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, has criticized Ron DeSantis’ actions against the firm as “anti-business” and “anti-Florida.” Disney recently came under fire from DeSantis because the firm skillfully outwitted ... Read More.
South Korea To Receive Nuclear-Armed Submarines From U.S.
The ‘Washington Declaration,’ which both leaders are set to sign, calls for more information sharing and cooperative military drills as the US rotates nuclear-armed aircraft and submarines to South Kor ... Read More.
McConnell Steps Back From Debt Fight Between Biden And McCarthy
“I think the Speaker has done an excellent job of unifying our side and it’s logical for many of you to begin to wonder what happens next whether the House passes this measure or not,” McConnell said i ... Read More.
House Republicans Pass Legislation To Increase Debt Ceiling But Also Cut Future Spending
The plan has little chance of passing in the Democratic-controlled Senate, where Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Wednesday referred to it as “an extremist hard-right agenda.” However, House Rep ... Read More.
Grassley Blasts FBI And DOJ For Covering Up Biden Family ‘Potential Criminal Conduct’
Senator Grassley said, “I know the FBI improperly categorized that material as Russian misinformation to bury it. The FBI and the Biden Justice Department haven’t disputed the veracity of these claims ... Read More.
Chief Justice Roberts Rejects Senate Dem Request To Appear Before Judiciary Committee
“Testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee by the Chief Justice of the United States is exceedingly rare, as one might expect in light of separation of powers concerns and the importance of prese ... Read More.
Biden Says He's Going to VETO House Republican-Led Budget If It Passes
The Office of Management and Budget said, “The president has been clear that he will not tolerate such efforts at hostage-taking. The debt ceiling must be discussed by House Republicans without demands ... Read More.
Biden Doesn't Want To Negotiate On Debt Limit But Prominent Dem Senators Want Him To Rethink
Biden vehemently opposed the plan right away and is still in favor of an unrestricted raise in the debt ceiling. Spending reductions for working-class and middle-class people are part of the MAGA econo ... Read More.
Hunter Biden Lawyers Go On Offensive; Asks House Ethics To Investigate Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene’s public speeches and online comments are described as “a spray of shotgun pellets of personal vitriol that are the definition of conduct that does not reflect “creditably on the ... Read More.
Pentagon Thinking About Sending U.S. Troops To Sudan Conflict
The soldiers would be a part of the Pentagon’s plan to make the more than 500-mile land route between Khartoum and Port Sudan a feasible escape route for the thousands of Americans still in Sudan. ... Read More.
Past Presidents Have Joined Together To Help Border Crossers Enter Country
The expense of travel is no longer an obstacle between sponsors in the United States and the displaced families they are aiding via humanitarian sponsorship thanks to Welcome Connect Travel. ... Read More.
Michigan Senate Appropriations Committee Approves $175 million For Chinese EV Battery Plant
By a vote of 10-9, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved the transfer of state tax funds, enabling state authorities to use the money to build a $2.4 billion plant manufacturing EV battery compo ... Read More.
Dems Wants Matt Taibbi Arrested For His Twitter Files Testimony On Capitol Hill
The Twitter Files ultimately revealed the platform was working with both CIS and CISA in the same way, as Taibbi pointed out to GrayZone journalist Aaron Maté on Friday. That comment, however, only ref ... Read More.
After Court Loss, Bragg Agrees To Allow Former Manhattan DA Employee To Answer Congress Subpoena
The settlement ends a legal spat that reached a federal appeals court only weeks after Trump’s historic indictment and was the result of a lawsuit in which Bragg had attempted to prevent Pomerantz from ... Read More.
DOJ Officials To Meet With Hunter Biden's Lawyers | Report
According to reports, the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware is investigating four different criminal charges against Biden, including two misdemeanor counts of failing to pay taxes, a felony offense of ... Read More.

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