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DeSantis Offers Advice To Trump's Electoral Challenges: Finding the Key to Re-Engaging Voters
Gov. Ron DeSantis highlights the challenges former President Donald Trump faces in the 2024 election cycle. Find out how re-engaging disengaged voters could be crucial for Trump’s chances of winning. ... Read More.
Nikki Haley's Surprising Challenge to Trump: A Debate Over Experience and Sharp Minds
Nikki Haley praised her rival in a speech after the announcement of former President Donald Trump as the victor of the New Hampshire Republican primary on Tuesday. Then, implying that Trump’s advancing ... Read More.
Trump Leads by 19 Points in New Hampshire Presidential Primary Poll
According to a recent poll released on the eve of New Hampshire’s presidential primary, Donald Trump holds a commanding lead of 19 points over Nikki Haley. According to the Hill, the survey of 500 like ... Watch Now.
Trump Mentions Suspended Opponent DeSantis at New Hampshire Rally
During his pre-event remarks at his New Hampshire political rally on Sunday night, Donald Trump briefly mentioned his opponent, Governor Ron DeSantis, who had suspended his campaign earlier in the day. ... Read More.
Survey Reveals: DeSantis Supporters in New Hampshire Prefer Trump Over Haley as Second Choice
According to a recent survey, those in New Hampshire who favor Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are more inclined to back former President Donald Trump as their second option than they are to back former ... Read More.
Former President Teases Running Mate Selection: Surprising or Not?
Former president discusses choice of running mate and downplays its impact on elections. Remarks made during interview with Fox News anchor Bret Baier. ... Read More.
Governor Ron DeSantis Shocks with Presidential Primary Exit: A Rise and Fall for the Contender
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) bows out of Republican presidential primary, marking an incredible rise and fall for the formidable opponent of former President Trump. ... Read More.
Nikki Haley Questions Trump's Mental Competence: A Surprising Attack
On Saturday, Nikki Haley questioned former president Donald Trump’s mental competence to remain president in a particularly scathing attack, after his confusion of her with former House Speaker Nancy P ... Read More.
DeSantis: Trump Set to Dominate New Hampshire Primary
While claiming he is not waging a “basement campaign” in New Hampshire, Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis acknowledged that former President Donald Trump will “run away with” the primary. ... Read More.
Trump Denies Rumors of Nikki Haley as Running Mate: "She's Not Presidential Timber"
Former President Trump denies rumors of choosing Nikki Haley as running mate in a rally. He states, “She is not presidential timber.” Find out who could potentially be the vice president in this New Ha ... Read More.
Trump's Fiery Friday: Unleashing Wrath on Fox & Friends Co-host for Questioning Veracity
Former President Donald Trump criticizes Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy for questioning his credibility after making an unsubstantiated claim about Democrats voting in the Republican primary in New ... Read More.
Trump's Take: Supreme Court's Decision on Presidential Immunity - A Win Himself And Past And Future Presidents
Donald Trump, the former president, said that Joe Biden and other presidents, as well as himself, would benefit from the Supreme Court’s decision on the issue of presidential immunity. ... Read More.
Trump Regrets Missing E. Jean Carroll Trial Due to Mother-In-Law's Funeral, Criticizes Judge's Decision
Former President Trump’s absence from the E. Jean Carroll trial due to his mother-in-law’s funeral. Criticizes judge for not granting postponement. ... Read More.
Trump Decimates Iowa Caucuses: Haley and DeSantis Forge Ahead in South Carolina and New Hampshire
Following Monday night’s Iowa caucuses, Republican presidential hopefuls Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis delivered speeches that conveyed the perception of a closely contested race among the three contend ... Read More.
Trump Sends Warning Message with Commanding Victory in Iowa Caucus
Former President Donald Trump’s commanding victory in the Iowa nomination contest sends a warning to President Joe Biden and Republican rivals in the 2024 primary. Trump declared the victor by The Asso ... Read More.

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