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Not Even Close! Trump Holds Strong Lead in GOP Presidential Race Despite Federal Charges
If the Republican primary were conducted today, 59% of Republican respondents indicated they would vote for Trump, while 14% said they would vote for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Only 8% of Republica ... Read More.
Trump Raises $7M For Re-election Campaign Soon After Indictment On 37 Federal Counts
Trump spokesman Liz Harrington said in a statement on Wednesday that “the American people will not stand for this fraudulent attempt to intervene in the 2024 election against the leading candidate for ... Read More.
Trump: A Sock Drawer, the Presidential Records Act, and a Grand Jury Walk into a Bar...
Former President Donald Trump claimed that the grand jury in a case should have been projected to the Presidential Records Act and another case involving former President Bill Clinton’s storage of pres ... Read More.
Trump Vows to Investigate Biden: A Look at the Latest Political Turmoil
Former president Trump pledges a special prosecutor if he reclaims the presidency in 2024, ahead of his Miami federal court arraignment on 37 charges related to Jack Smith’s investigation into Trump’s ... Read More.
The Battle Heats Up: Trump Attorney Claims 100% Permission to Keep Presidential Records
Christina Bobb, the attorney for the Trump campaign, strongly refuted the accusations made by the Department of Justice. She maintained that the President had complete permission to retain all records ... Read More.
Trump's Popularity Soars Despite Federal Indictment: Wins Straw Poll against DeSantis at Conservative Summit
Former President Donald Trump defeated Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) in the straw poll at the Western Conservative Summit on Saturday, only 24 hours after his federal indictment was made public ... Read More.
Donald Trump Steals the Spotlight at N.C. Republican Convention, Outshining Potential 2024 GOP Rival
The very positive reaction the former president received at the North Carolina Republican Convention in Greensboro immediately dispelled any fears that Donald Trump’s most recent would lessen Republica ... Read More.
Trump Vows to Run Again in 2024, Despite Facing Criminal Charges
Despite facing numerous criminal charges in several investigations, including a 49-page indictment with 37 felony counts, former President Donald Trump stated over the weekend that he will “never” with ... Read More.
Trump's Apocalypse Now: Promises to 'Destroy the Deep State' in Georgia Speech
Former President Donald Trump described his legal battle and election campaign in apocalyptic terms on Saturday in his first public appearance since last week’s indictment. Trump informed Georgia Repub ... Read More.
Former Senior Justice Department Official Claims Evidence in Trump's Indictment Could Lead to Charges Being Thrown Out
Donald Trump’s indictment may face a federal court’s challenge, claims a former senior Justice Department official. Jeffrey Clark, who served as an assistant attorney general in the Trump administratio ... Read More.
Trump's Legal Team Loses Two Attorneys Ahead of Indictment on Criminal Charges
“We resigned as counsel to President Trump this morning and will no longer represent him in the indicted case or the January 6 inquiry,” said Trusty and Rowley in a joint statement. They added that def ... Read More.
Former President Trump Indicted by Department of Justice - Must Appear in Miami Court
Trump seems to be referring to FBI’s seizure of materials from his Mar-a-Lago home in Aug last year when he calls it the “boxes scam.” In Nov, AG Merrick Garland appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith to ... Read More.
Challenging Trump: Do Contenders Stand a Chance in the Race for Nomination?
Political experts mostly interpret the math as each of the contenders with lower polling numbers realizing that they must challenge the front-runner Trump, who has a big double-digit lead over the comp ... Read More.
Former President Trump Responds To Chris Christie Presidential Bid Announcement Dig
Does he struggle psychologically with his size? In actuality, his speech was POOR and SMALL. Nobody understood what he was saying about since it was so rambling. Boring and difficult to watch, but that ... Read More.
YouTube Reverses Policy and Allows Content Denying 2020 Election Validity - What You Need to Know
On Friday, YouTube announced that they will be changing their policy in regards to videos that spread false information about election fraud, including the 2020 presidential election. The shift in poli ... Read More.

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