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Trump Takes on the Washington Swamp: Bold Promises and Unapologetic Patriotism
President Donald Trump addresses supporters in South Carolina with audacious statements, promising to put America first and criticizing rivals as being “good for China.” Join us for a recap of this inv ... Read More.
Florida GOP Backs Trump for President, Vows to Defeat Biden and Secure Our Future!
The Florida GOP formally supported Trump for president today. The Republican Party of Florida said in a post on X that “it is time Republicans unite to DEFEAT Biden and safeguard the future of our coun ... Read More.
Trump Mocks Biden's Verbal Ability: 'Can't Even String Two Sentences Together!'
Former President Donald Trump mocks President Joe Biden, suggesting cognitive impairment. Government prosecutor agrees, claiming Biden unfit for trial. ... Read More.
Trump Unhappy with RNC Chair, Hints at Changes on the Horizon
Donald Trump expresses dissatisfaction with Ronna McDaniel’s leadership of the Republican National Committee, highlighting a decline in performance. He acknowledges her initial success in running Michi ... Read More.
Illinois Electoral Board Keeps Former President Trump on Primary Ballot Despite Capitol Assault Allegations
The Illinois electoral board rules to keep former President Trump on the state’s primary ballot despite concerns over his involvement in the Capitol assault. The final judgment is left up to the courts ... Read More.
Donald Trump's $83.3 Million Defamation Verdict: A Furious Reaction on Truth Social
After a court jury in New York sentenced him to pay $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll for defamation, the former president Donald Trump went on a rage on Truth Social. ... Read More.
Trump's Brief Stand in Defamation Trial: Protecting Himself, Family, and Presidency
Donald Trump finally appeared in court for the damages trial resulting from a defamation case filed by E. Jean Carroll. Surprisingly, his time on the stand was incredibly brief. According to the Washin ... Read More.
Trump's Nomination: A Strategic Move by the Republican National Committee
Former President Donald Trump’s potential nomination for the 2024 election is being discussed amidst recent wins and the challenges faced by his competitor. Find out more about the Republican National ... Read More.
Trump Warns: Support My Rival, Get Banned from MAGA!
Former President Donald Trump warns that supporting his Republican opponent Nikki Haley will result in permanent exclusion from the MAGA camp. Stay updated with the latest political developments. ... Read More.
DeSantis Offers Advice To Trump's Electoral Challenges: Finding the Key to Re-Engaging Voters
Gov. Ron DeSantis highlights the challenges former President Donald Trump faces in the 2024 election cycle. Find out how re-engaging disengaged voters could be crucial for Trump’s chances of winning. ... Read More.
Nikki Haley's Surprising Challenge to Trump: A Debate Over Experience and Sharp Minds
Nikki Haley praised her rival in a speech after the announcement of former President Donald Trump as the victor of the New Hampshire Republican primary on Tuesday. Then, implying that Trump’s advancing ... Read More.
Trump Leads by 19 Points in New Hampshire Presidential Primary Poll
According to a recent poll released on the eve of New Hampshire’s presidential primary, Donald Trump holds a commanding lead of 19 points over Nikki Haley. According to the Hill, the survey of 500 like ... Watch Now.
Trump Mentions Suspended Opponent DeSantis at New Hampshire Rally
During his pre-event remarks at his New Hampshire political rally on Sunday night, Donald Trump briefly mentioned his opponent, Governor Ron DeSantis, who had suspended his campaign earlier in the day. ... Read More.
Survey Reveals: DeSantis Supporters in New Hampshire Prefer Trump Over Haley as Second Choice
According to a recent survey, those in New Hampshire who favor Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are more inclined to back former President Donald Trump as their second option than they are to back former ... Read More.
Former President Teases Running Mate Selection: Surprising or Not?
Former president discusses choice of running mate and downplays its impact on elections. Remarks made during interview with Fox News anchor Bret Baier. ... Read More.

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