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Why Is The Media Trying To Destroy Nationalism
📣 Sharing a news update: Senator Tommy Tuberville’s recent encounter with the U.S. media has sparked a debate on defining white nationalism as a racist term. In a courageous move, the Senator challenge ... Watch Now.
Do You Still Trust GOP Republicans To Stop Increased Spending?
A coalition of 21 ardent conservative House Republicans have notified Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) of their intention to oppose spending bills they deem to have inadequate overall cuts. They have ... Watch Now.
DeSantis Accuses Trump Of Colluding With Big Tech To Suppress Hunter Biden Story
DESANTIS: We will end the weaponization of government. And that’s, of course, a new FBI director on day one. That’s a difference between me and Donald Trump, he says the jury’s still out on FBI Directo ... Watch Now.
Is WH Cocaine Story A Distraction Of Janet Yellen In China?
🚨 Alert 🚨 Janet Yellen, Sec of Treasury is in China during this WH “cocaine story” which has lasted all week. Our guest, Nicole Tsai @Nicole7749NYC of New Federation State of China @NFSCSpeak just remi ... Read More.
Did You Know China Owed the U.S. Nearly 1T Dollars?
I learned the USA was owed nearly $1 trillion from China and Nicole Tsai @Nicole7749NYC of New Federation State of China @NFSCSpeak broke it down what that was about and more! Reminder, CCP and China a ... Read More.
We Shouldn't Be Ostracized If We Don't Believe In Vaccines
🚨 We were talking about vaccines, and no matter where YOU fall on the subject, we’re all different and have our own minds made up on what we think about them. Here’s another #PodClip from our Jan 6th @ ... Watch Now.
Is WH Cocaine Story a Distraction?
Here’s a #PodClip from our July 6th show. Make sure to support our #RealTalk broadcast by sharing and following our #WayneDupreeShow channel at! Download our free app and le ... Watch Now.
WH Press Secretary Gets Tattered With Questions About Cocaine Developments
During Wednesday’s daily briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre found herself bombarded with a barrage of questions pertaining to cocaine. Nearly every reporter in the room seemed fix ... Watch Now.
Jack Smith Is Moving Forward With Another Indictment Against Donald Trump
The Oath Keepers militia leader, sentenced to 18 years in prison for his involvement in the Jan. 6 riot, has a warning for former President Trump: “You’re going to get railroaded.” Stewart Rhodes, conv ... Watch Now.
Has Supporting The New Federal State of China Hurt The Show?
Nicole Tsai @Nicole7749NYC of the New Federation State of China @NFSCSpeak had a question for us regarding our support of their anti-CCP message. We support them because they are right and fighting for ... Watch Now.
Americans Need To Remember The Importance Of Our Independence
Independence Day, also known as the Fourth of July or July 4th, has held the esteemed status of a federal holiday in the United States since 1941. However, the tradition of celebrating this historical ... Watch Now.
Biden's CPAP Admission Proves To American He's Not Well
According to the White House, President Joe Biden has started using a CPAP machine to address his sleep apnea. This decision came after noticeable marks on his face caused by the straps emerged on Wedn ... Watch Now.
House Judiciary Committee Has Learned Of DHS New Mission Against Americans!
According to an interim staff report released on Monday night, classified documents acquired by the House Judiciary Committee reveal that a Department of Homeland Security agency has broadened its scop ... Watch Now.
Would You Be Ok If We Got Rid Of The DNC And GOP?
As John Adams, the second US President, once wrote, “A division of the republic into two great parties … is to be dreaded as the great political evil.” Sadly, our current system has proven Adams’ warni ... Watch Now.
Does The Wagner Revolt Weaken Russia's Putin?
A day after the mutiny by Wagner revealed the fragility of Putin’s regime, all the main players in Russia’s political crisis stayed out of sight - leaving everyone to wonder if the drama was really ove ... Watch Now.

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