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Analyzing Trump's DOJ Indictment
Just like other talk shows, we broke down and analyzed the DOJ Trump indictment. Check out this @WayneDupreeShow #podclip and let us know what you think! via @redvoicenews @DrewBerquist Download our f ... Read More.
Yellen Said Our Nation's Credit Rating Wouldn't Take A Hit; Well It Did
Didn’t Janet Yellen say that the debt limit had to pass so that the USA’s credit rating wouldn’t take a hit? Well, they passed it, but it was still downgraded. Watch this @WayneDupreeShow #podclip via ... Read More.
Donald Trump's Indictment Isn't All On The Democrats!
Republican leaders are blaming Biden, DOJ and Democrats for what’s happening with Donald Trump. That’s the easy play. Wanna know the truth? Watch this @WayneDupreeShow #podclip with @HBRadioGuy @JRobFr ... Read More.
Trump Indicted Once Again By Biden's DOJ Special Counsel
No previous president has ever been imprisoned. However, former President Donald Trump is currently facing multiple charges across three criminal cases, which, if proven guilty, could result in a poten ... Watch Now.
Hunter Biden's Former Business Associate Lands Bombshell! Dems Quickly Spin!
During testimony on Monday, Devon Archer, who used to work with Hunter Biden, mentioned that Hunter Biden actually got President Joe Biden on the phone with clients even before his father was elected t ... Watch Now.
Trump Continues To Soar As Establishment Continues To Plot
Donald Trump made his entrance into Erie Insurance Arena on Saturday night, greeted by cheers and applause. He soaked in the adoration for a few minutes before taking to the microphone. “We’re gonna wi ... Watch Now.
McConnell's Podium Freeze: Is It Time to Step Down?
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reassured the public of his well-being after a brief, unexpected pause during a Senate Republican leadership press conference. In a peculiar moment, McConnell int ... Watch Now.
Trump Is A Vessel For The Country And Getting Us Back | Liz Harrington
President Trump calls Liz Harrington “a fighter.” The former president also says “she was an important part of our receiving more votes than any incumbent President in U.S. history, far more than we re ... Watch Now.
Will House Republicans Impeach Biden Or Is This A Pipe Dream?
During a recent interview, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) indicated that the Republican-controlled chamber is progressing towards an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. The allegations r ... Watch Now.
Romney Wants GOP Field Cleared To Take Down Donald Trump
Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) is urging the Republican donor class to exert pressure on low-polling GOP candidates in the 2024 presidential race in order to defeat Trump. Romney urges the donor class to ... Watch Now.
Free Speech & SCOTUS Are Being Targeted By Congress Dems
In their “An Open Letter to the Biden Administration on Popular Constitutionalism,” Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet and San Francisco State University political scientist Aaron Belkin offer a respon ... Watch Now.
DeSantis Says He Feels Good About Iowa
REPORTER: Why Utah today? Your poll numbers behind President Trump have been pretty substantially behind and… RON DESANTIS: Not here! (HUMAN LAUGH) (CHEERS) No look, I think at the end of the day… RE ... Watch Now.
Every American Needs To Know About CCP Plan 13579 | Roy Guo
According to Mr Miles, the plan goes like this: develop a biochemical weapon 5 years . 3 to make it available in 3 years from 2017 ensure the bioweapon lasts for 5 years from it release ... Watch Now.
WDSHOW PODCLIP - You Can Trust In The Wayne Dupree Show
For the past 12 years, the @WayneDupreeShow has been providing political analysis and opinions, unwavering in our commitment to conservative values. We remain unswayed and independent, not succumbing t ... Read More.
WDSHOW PODCLIP - Dems Bringing Out Racist Card Against RFK Jr?
Dems attack on RFK Jr is out of bounds but when have you known them to play by the rules? | Biden’s deficiencies are growing in size every day! via @WayneDupreeShow @HBRadioGuy @JRobFromMN @redvoicenew ... Read More.

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