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Speaker McCarthy Quotes Biden's Own Words Against Him
It is obvious by his expression that McCarthy is serious and tired of waiting for someone to join him at the table (as am I), so he’s moving forward and taking matters in hand – right or wrong – he’s d ... Watch Now.
China-U.S. Relations Continue To Strain; CCP Wants Panda Back
Since 1972, when Beijing presented two pandas to Richard Nixon, the president of the United States, the city has engaged in “panda diplomacy.” Pandas are now on loan to 18 other nations from China, the ... Watch Now.
Cruz: It Gives No Comfort To The Flying Public That Their Pilot Might Be A Transgender Witch
Savage. This guy is a complete waste of this committees time. Why was he even allowed the appointment. ... Read More.
Sen. Paul Rand Details Alarming Free Speech Violations
Our government forgot that their job is to PROTECT our rights, not take them away. ... Watch Now.
Grassley: FBI Has Evidence Of 'Potential Criminal Conduct By Members Of Biden Family'
Watching the rest of the world play catch up on information I’ve known for years is strange. ... Watch Now.
Chip Roy Talks About DC Spending
Government spending could be cut in half, easily. No more subsidies for higher education, special projects, pay raises, no more money to Ukraine and every other country etc.etc. ... Watch Now.
Manchin Calls Out Biden Energy Sec over Electric Vehicle Policies
Maybe Senator Manchin will learn that he was used and he needs to go scorch earth on those who destroyed his credibility in West Virginia. ... Watch Now.
Landscape Of Media Changes Overnight; What's The Endgame?
The sudden departures of Tucker Carlson from Fox News and Don Lemon from CNN have a lot in common: Both resulted from the anchors’ constant stream of controversy and distraction for their networks, and ... Watch Now.
Hannity Tries To Play Peacemaker Between DeSantis And Trump
DeSantis, who was speaking by satellite from Tokyo while on a tour, added, “You know, I loved supporting him while he was president. I always had a wonderful connection with him, and we worked incredib ... Read More.
Trump reacts to Tucker Carlson, Fox News parting ways
If FOX NEWS wanted Tucker, he’d be there broadcasting his show tonight. They wanted him out. Tucker’s sin is he actually wanted to inform Americans and help them sort some of this craziness out. He cut ... Watch Now.
Pentagon Sending U.S. Troops To Sudan?
The United States has sent “intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets to support land evacuation routes that Americans are using, and we’re moving naval assets within the region to provide ... Watch Now.
🎧 Majority Of Americans Taking Part In Poll Do Not Want Joe To Run Again!
The announcement of Joe Biden’s reelection campaign might come within the next 48 hours. However, over 3 out of 4 Americans are rooting for a last-minute change of heart on his part. In a new NBC News ... Watch Now.
Michigan Senate Committee Approves Chinese-based EV Plant
The Michigan Senate Committee has delayed whether to approve funding for the Big Rapids EV plant. A group of Republicans today called for the plan to be paused because of Gotion’s apparent ties to the ... Watch Now.
Sen. Kennedy: "Why Can't You Just Answer Me?"
Mr. Kennedy can have a podcast or TV show if he ever gets out of politics. He’s a real deal. ... Watch Now.
Lawmakers Debate Inclusion Of Trans Women In Women's And Girls' Sports
At House Rules Committee hearing, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) questioned lawmakers about legislation banning transgender athletes from women’s and girl’s sports in education. ... Watch Now.

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