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When Jim Jordan Is Over The Target, He Rarely Misses
This line of questioning from Rep. Jim Jordan is why so many conservative-voting Americans support him today. This is timeless ... Watch Now.
Sen. Kennedy Roasts Ex-Bank CEO To His Face
I love how Senator Kennedy has the ability to make everything so plain and easy to understand. His logic cannot be refuted. ... Watch Now.
Rep. Owens Tears Into Education Secretary Cardona Over New Policy Proposals
We need more people in Congress like this man! He is straight forward and very intelligent on multiple subjects, not a brain dead person sitting there getting a check every month. ... Watch Now.
Rep. Boebert And Mayor Muriel Bowser Clash Over Crime, Black Lives Matter Protests
You can tell she’s a Democrat, filibusters when being asked questions and giving no true answer. ... Watch Now.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) had angry words for U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves
We need to enforce our laws as we are a constitutional republic. No one is above the law. Stop 2 tier justice system ... Watch Now.
Rep. Roy Does Not Hold Back Grilling Pro-Choice Witness On Alleged 'Getting That Skull Out' Comment
This woman takes the cake. I’m guessing 100% of human beings can immediately answer whether they’ve talked about crushing a baby’s skull. ... Watch Now.
Graham Explodes At Austin And Blinken During Tense Hearing about US policy on China
What can one expect when Gen. Milley is talking to the Chinese behind the President’s back?.. ... Watch Now.
Sparks Fly When Rep. Pfluger Grills Sec Granholm About Biden Energy Policy
This is the most shocking I’ve seen in a long time. The ignorance and incompetence of this woman, accompanied by an arrogance that only a government bureaucrat could have, is astounding! ... Watch Now.
Biden Judicial Nominee Torn Apart By Mike Lee
Being a Supreme Court Judge should be a position all Judges should wish to be promoted to, it should not be a position just anyone can be nominated to just because you did the President a favor. ... Watch Now.
Biggs Claps Back At Jerry Nadler With Durham Report After Dem Brings Up January 6
It’s like listening to a turnip, and a turnip would still have a better idea of what’s going on then any of the Democrats. ... Watch Now.
CNN'S Jake Tapper Calls Durham Report Devastating To The FBI
Jake Tapper of CNN broke down some of the most important findings from the investigation conducted during the Trump administration into the beginnings of the FBI’s inquiry into Trump’s 2016 campaign ti ... Watch Now.
Ted Cruz Presses Durbin, Democrats About Controversial Biden Nominees
At Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed President Biden’s judicial nominees. ... Watch Now.
Sen. Grassley Is Frustrated over Biden Investigation
You don’t see it in this video, but I am always sickened to my stomach to see the title “Honorable” in front of any Biden administrator’s name, especially Mayorkas and Wray. ... Watch Now.
Rep. Johnson Called Out Nadler With His Own Words
I know these lawmakers have separated themselves from reality but this was crazy. I challenge Nadler to ride the NYC subway at night with NO police protection following him. Then see what he says. ... Watch Now.
Dallas woman fatally shot by boyfriend after having abortion, police say
Authorities say Harold Thompson, 22, was arrested in connection to the fatal shooting of his 26-year-old girlfriend Gabriella Gonzalez in Dallas. Police say Gonzalez returned the night before from Colo ... Read More.

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