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Investigation into a Kenyan doomsday cult suggests a 'highly organized crime'
As Kenyan investigators resumed the search for members of a doomsday cult in a forest where more than 100 corpses have been exhumed, one lawmaker described them as victims of a “highly organized crime. ... Watch Now.
Sen. Cruz Evisorates Dem Colleagues For Biden's 'So Amazingly Unqualified' Noms
MUST SHARE: This is disgusting and absolutely frightening! Our country will never be what it is supposed to be without stripping all these inept, unqualified judges and politicians from office. ... Watch Now.
Mike Johnson Loses It With Jerry Nadler; 'You're Not The Chairman Anymore!'
Thank God for the common sense returning to the house. Thank you to all republicans who speak for the people. Thank you for taking the time to set the records straight. The Democrats are responsible fo ... Watch Now.
House Republicans Answer Media Questions About Hunter Biden
MUST WATCH: There is no hope for the survival of our country if every citizen does not question our president’s motive for stopping Congress from accessing bank records. We’ve become so politically div ... Watch Now.
YouTube Crashes Plane On Purpose; Faces Jail Sentence
For anyone wondering why the FAA yanked his license. 1) attached multiple cameras to the craft (not illegal but suspect) 2) Wearing a sports parachute (there uncomfortable as hell and he never wore a ... Watch Now.
Bannon Swatted During Thursday Broadcast
Because they are afraid of this public, they are criminals. They are aware this is ascendant. And that’s what they’re going to attempt to do—take any voice, whether it be Steve Bannon of the War Room, ... Watch Now.
Fox News Seems To Downplay Comer's Evidence Against Hunter/Joe Bidn
“I know the Republicans said that the smoking gun were these financial records that you were able to subpoena and got your hands on,” Doocy said. “They show that some of the president’s relatives were ... Watch Now.
Rand Paul Educates Bernie Sanders On 'The Great Thing About Capitalism'
Imagine how great countries could be with more Senator Paul’s in it. Intelligent. Articulate. Prepared and happy to work ... Watch Now.
Wray Asked About Alleged Pay To Play Scheme Between Biden & Foreign National, Biden Family
When they ignore Congress, they are ignoring the people that they represent. That’s not acceptable. ... Watch Now.
Rand Paul Promotes Amendment To Lower Drug Prices: 'We're Supposed To Be In Charge'
At Tuesday’s Senate Health Committee hearing, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) expressed his support for an amendment to a bill to lower generic drug prices. ... Watch Now.
Gaetz Calls Out Cori Bush During Hearing; 'Is Miss Bush Still On The Judiciary Committee?'
Matty Gaetz killed it as always. Great example of why old Dems shouldn’t even speak on these issues. ... Read More.
Donalds Offers Media Info On Joe & Hunter Biden's Deals: 'I'm Giving You Pulitzer Stuff!'
Not surprisingly, this wasn’t even mentioned on the CBS evening news. ... Watch Now.
Matt Gaetz And Glenn Ivey Clash Over 'Defund The Police' And The ATF
At House Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Rep. Glenn Ivey (D-MD) argued about crime and the Defund the Police movement. ... Read More.
Biggs Clashes With Democrats About 'Busloads' Of Migrants In Hearing
Not one Democrat voted to close the border. That should say it ALL!!! ... Watch Now.
Jordan Slams Biden's Border Policies As Title 42 Ends, Introduces GOP Border Bill
Doesn’t the US have a yearly limit for so-called Asylum seekers? Surely we can only process so many requests. The Congress should impose a limit, if one does not exist. After that “reasonable” number i ... Watch Now.

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