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NFL Players and Even A NHL Team Refuses To Wear LGBTQ Pride Jerseys
Devo and Dawn discuss San Jose hockey player James Reimer and his reasoning on why he refused to wear a Pride jersey. **** VISIT, BOOKMARK, AND SHARE the new website and http:// ... Watch Now.
Should kids need their parents' permission to use social media?
Utah is the first state in the United States to sign laws restricting the use of social media by minors. The new laws make it compulsory for minors under 18 to get parental permission to use social med ... Watch Now.
Rand Paul Directly Confronts Antony Blinken About COVID-19 Research Funding Records
**** VISIT, BOOKMARK AND SHARE the new website and **** Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) questioned Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the COVID-19 research ... Watch Now.
TikTok CEO Confronted About Viral Choking Challenge
**** VISIT, BOOKMARK AND SHARE the new website and **** At today’s House Energy Committee hearing, Rep. Gus Bilirakis (R-FL) questioned the CEO of T ... Watch Now.
'I Would Like To Go Back To The Racist Person Who Works For You': Matt Gaetz Obliterates Witness
**** VISIT, BOOKMARK AND SHARE the new website and **** Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) questioned Gilbert Cisneros, Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel ... Watch Now.
How scammers can use 'deep voice' AI technology to trick you
**** VISIT, BOOKMARK AND SHARE the new website and **** Scammers are using a voice that sounds just like a loved one’s to phone potential victims an ... Watch Now.
Congressman Ridiculed Over TikTok WiFi Question
**** VISIT, BOOKMARK AND SHARE the new website and **** Many social media users speculated that Hudson may not understand how to get online, as his ... Watch Now.
Names, photos, info on LAPD officers accidently released
**** VISIT, BOOKMARK AND SHARE the new website **** The president of the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners Tuesday expressed frustration and concern over how information relate ... Read More.
TikTok CEO Gets Grilled And Apparently Caught Lying By Hearing Chairperson
TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testifies on the social media company’s consumer privacy and data security practices and its relationship with the Chinese government at a House Energy & Commerce Committee hear ... Watch Now.
Doocy vs. Jean-Pierre 127
Peter Doocy actually has a very important question here about reported millions for the Biden family as reported by the House Oversight Committee ... Watch Now.
Rand Paul Grills Moderna CEO Which Causes Confusion
How is it that the CEO of Moderna doesn’t know how many times his children have been vaccinated and received the boosters? Especially when you are pushing for others to receive the same treatment? ... Watch Now.
Candace Owens Threatens To Call Police If Parent Trans Gender's Her Child
If Morris were to transfer her child, Owens vowed to be the first to notify the police. “…I really hope that she keeps swaying to this side because she will finally trip over herself. She will eventua ... Watch Now.
Uganda Anti-Gay Bill: Outlaws identifying as LGBTQ; WH Not Happy
Uganda’s parliament criminalized homosexuality. More than 30 African nations, including Uganda, criminalize same-sex relations. The new law appears to be the first to ban homosexual, gay, bisexual, tra ... Watch Now.
Kash Patel Launches Money Smuggling Allegations Against Joe Biden
Kash Patel alleges Joe Biden is smuggling money in from China in this video clip ... Watch Now.
Where Does Joe Biden Stand On Reparations Issue?
Because of how much he boosted inflation, every poor person in this country, regardless of race or ethnicity, now needs to spend more money just to survive. He has certainly made good on his promise to ... Watch Now.

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