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Cory Mills Presents Articles Of Impeachment To Sec. Lloyd Austin
Rep. Mills spoke with common sense, directly and succinctly!!! No political theater nonsense. Just straight to the point with serious allegations listed one by one. Support our work and keep updated o ... Watch Now.
Eric Schmitt And Sec. Lloyd Austin Have Heated Exchange About Lost Time Due To Diversity Stand-Down
As a USAF veteran, I can tell you with certainty that DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) is a complete bunch of crap and a complete waste of OUR tax-payer dollars. Our military is “diverse” and “inclu ... Watch Now.
'So The Report Was Incorrect By CNN?': Lisa McClain And Gen. Mark Milley Spar On Afghan Intelligence
I’m sorry, but General Milley was talking down to that Congresswoman. They’ll never admit that they botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan ... Watch Now.
Pentagon investigating leak of classified documents about military plans in Ukraine
The Pentagon is investigating the leak of classified documents detailing U.S. and NATO military support plans for Ukraine. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin explains that the securi ... Watch Now.
Newsmax Reporter Wants Real Answers From Biden's Kirby
On Thursday, Admiral John Kirby was asked about the White House’s report on the withdrawal from Afghanistan by Newsmax Reporter James Rosen. Support our work and keep updated on the workings on Congre ... Watch Now.
Sheriff Puts Media In Their Place Over Gun Control Outcry
Sheriff: The fact is, society fails it. We do not hold our juveniles accountable. We minimize their actions. Wow! A sheriff with a brain and a backbone, all in one human being! Support our work and ke ... Watch Now.
FLASHBACK: Remember When We Had A Strong Leader Against China
China is leading the charge to destroy the U.S. dollar and it seems Joe Biden doesn’t have a clue. Can we re-elect Donald Trump to fix what’s coming or is it too late? Support our work and keep update ... Watch Now.
GOP House Rep Isn't Too Happy About the Wokeness In Our U.S. Military
As a veteran, I am ashamed of what has transpired with our military. All of these social experiments happening including the drag show story times is appalling Support our work and keep updated on the ... Watch Now.
Sen. Hawley To Biden Judicial Nominee: 'YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE HERE'
How do these people keep getting nominated? DEMOCRATS should be outraged at this. Support our work and keep updated on the workings on Congress by following our channel Stay Connected Wayne DupreeSho ... Watch Now.
Jordan: This bill blocks freedom
Support our work and keep updated on the workings on Congress by following our channel Stay Connected Wayne DupreeShow on Facebook: Wayne Dupree Show on Twitter: http://w ... Watch Now.
How Can You Be A Nominee To Take Over The FAA And Not Have Experience
Honestly, the first couple of minutes of this interview will drive you to drink. Most of you watching this video will probably have more experience to lead the FAA than this nominee ... Watch Now.
Gaetz On Drag Show Story Times on Military Bases: Are You Kidding Me?
Gaetz heard about the drag show story times on military bases and wanted to know why this was happening ... Watch Now.
Platforms Tell You We're Dangerous; We're Not Dangerous
We’ve been told that many of you are getting notices that our website and podcast are dangerous. We aren’t “dangerous.” We have our own opinions that are different from those of the mainstream media, ... Watch Now.
Jordan: You Censored Tucker Carlson!
As we have said many times, Americans don’t get to see how Congress works and it’s on us to show you everytime we get a chance. Support our work and Stay Connected Wayne DupreeShow on Facebook: http: ... Watch Now.
'FUHGEDDABOUDIT': Billionaire CEO signals the end of low gas prices
United Refining Company Chairman and CEO John Catsimatidis says the U.S. isn’t ‘turning on the spigots’ for oil fast enough. ... Watch Now.

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