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By Now, You’ve Probably Come To Realize You Can’t Trust The Biden Admin
President Joe Biden enjoys making commitments backed by the reputed value of his ancestry. In March of 2020, he pledged, “I give you my word as a Biden, I will lead with science, listen to the experts ... Read More.
U.S. Officials Confirm Chinese Spy Balloon Carried Intel Gathering Equipment!!
According to Biden administration officials, the Chinese balloon that crossed the U.S. had antennas and sensors for gathering intelligence and communications, providing the most thorough proof of China ... Read More.
Senate Republicans Want More Chinese Spy Balloon Answers!!
As administration officials prepared to tell the Senate behind closed doors about the incident, senior Senate Republicans asked that the Biden administration share more details about how it handled a s ... Read More.
Republicans Are In A No-Win Situation With The Debt Ceiling -Again!
Joe Biden and Republicans are now in a standoff over government spending, which is nothing new. Since 2010, there have been at least five fiscal standoffs that have had an impact on the national econom ... Read More.
D.C. Republicans Looking To Traditional Candidates After Mid-Term Disappointments: Report
According to reports, D.C. Republicans are reportedly looking more and more to traditionally competent candidates to complete their 2024 slate in an effort to rebound from a string of dismal defeats su ... Read More.
The State Of The Union Is Far From Being Strong; Don’t Fall For the Okey Doke!
The State of the Union is far from being strong. From economic struggles to political turmoil, America has seen a sharp decline in its citizens’ confidence in the nation’s government and overall stabil ... Read More.
McConnell Might Have Punished Rick Scott For Standing Up To Him But That Won’t Stop FL Senator
Sen. Rick Scott of Florida is intensifying his conflict with Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky in an effort to persuade the latter not to yield to President Joe Biden on the debt ceiling. Scott has been ... Read More.
The Border Crisis Is All Talk, No Fix! Alejandro Mayorkas Has Got To Go Now!
Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of homeland security, is emerging as House Republicans’ top target in their campaign to have him removed from his position as cabinet secretary for the first time in m ... Read More.
Dems Can’t Really Be Thinking Of Running Michelle Obama In 2024, Right?
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was asked if President Joe Biden should seek for reelection in 2024 during an interview on Friday. Yes, she replied. She responded, “I really want to defer to what makes Bi ... Read More.
Should Americans Be Worried About Balloon(s) From China?
Following the discovery of what the Biden administration is characterizing as an advanced Chinese spying gadget flying over the United States, tensions between the United States and China are once agai ... Read More.
Should The U.S. Take Action On This Chinese Balloon?
The Pentagon is currently monitoring a Chinese surveillance balloon that has been floating above the United States since April of this year. It appears to be hovering over “the center” of the nation, w ... Read More.
Even Though Some Republicans Are Wavering, Removing Ilhan Omar Was Necessary
The recent decision by Congress to remove Ilhan Omar from office has been met with both praise and backlash. But why, exactly, was this action necessary? Ilhan Omar has a reputation for being one of th ... Read More.
Attorneys Representing Hunter Biden Claims Laptop Files May Have Been Tampered With
The attorney representing Hunter Biden disputes that his letters requesting inquiries into the leak of the president’s son’s abandoned laptop computer attest to the veracity of the information found on ... Read More.
Brilliant! Republicans Force House Dems To Accept Or Denounce Socialism As A Horror!
On Thursday, House Democrats disagreed on language denouncing the “horrors of socialism,” which one Republican claimed revealed a soft spot some Democrats had for a political ideology that has led to t ... Read More.
Media Narrative: GOP Leaders Are Holding Out On Endorsing Trump
Even though he is ahead in most primary polls, GOP leaders are holding out before openly endorsing former President Trump’s 2024 campaign. Some of his steadfast allies in Washington, like Sen. Rick Sco ... Read More.

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