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Why Did It Take 20 Years To Repeal Iraq War Authorizations From The Executive Branch
The House will now consider the proposal, and members on both sides of the aisle are willing to act. The lower chamber voted to remove the 2002 authorisation in 2021 when Democrats were in control of t ... Read More.
Let's Be Honest! The U.S. Military Is Not Ready For A Major Conflict
The American military’s foundational elements, however, are absent. The U.S. cannot support a major-power war logistically, which is the most obvious weakness. The military cargo fleet is built to hand ... Read More.
Today's School Is The Battleground For The Next Generation
Nothing prevents the teacher from praising various government initiatives. One government program that continually includes greater government at all levels is welfare. We are accustomed to that and ev ... Read More.
Whether Trump Is Indicted Or Not, Manhattan DA Must Be Brought Before Congress
The organization continued, “As a threshold matter, whether your office is, in fact, faithfully implementing the law or abusing prosecutorial discretion to engage in a politically motivated prosecution ... Read More.
Silent Majority Chose One To Lead; Establishment Chose The Other To Thwart
DeSantis’ popularity with voters, however, was based on the conservative media’s promotion of his outstanding performance in government, as opposed to Trump’s base of support. And while it’s difficult ... Read More.
Why Does It Seem So Many People Seem To Dismiss China And Russia Marriage?
According to Putin, relations between Russia and China “practically serve as the foundation for regional and even global stability today.” He greeted his “dear friend,” Xi, who expressed his “deep than ... Read More.
Newsguard Needs To Be Investigated For Defaming And Crippling Conservative Websites
Facebook, advertisers, and platform policymakers use NewsGuard to determine which websites are good and bad based on their biased analysis. They claim they know what is best for news and opinions and c ... Read More.
Republicans Can't Win Anything in 2024 Without Independents
Republicans will not only need to nominate a presidential candidate who can prevail in the key states of Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin if they want to avoid a repetition of the elections in 2010, 201 ... Read More.
While Biden Said Repubs Were Trying To Take Away Social Security; Guess What He's Doing!
Joe Biden has pledged to defend Social Security and Medicare benefits numerous times, and he has even charged Republicans with hatching a secret plan to do so. The real threat to Americans’ retirement ... Read More.
Maybe Biden Should Start Targeting The Cartels At The Border, Instead Of Funding Ukraine?
Narcotics are crossing the border at an unprecedented rate, and cartel activity is almost entirely to blame for the U.S. drug overdose issue, which is predominantly a fentanyl crisis. The number of dea ... Read More.
Silicon Valley Bank Wasn't The Start, It's Part Of The House of Cards Crumbling
Where did SVB, as well as the broader banking sector, receive the money to bolster their portfolios with these debt holdings? In other words, stimulus payments. Billions poured in and needed to be stas ... Read More.
If It Walks Like A Bail Out And Smells Like A Bail Out, It's A Bail Out
The government shouldn’t be in the business of rewarding this conceit and folly on the part of these entrepreneurs since they either knew or should have recognized the dangers they were incurring. ... Read More.
The Trial And Conviction Of Dr. Anthony Fauci; What's Taking So Long?
In late January and early February 2020, colleagues told Fauci that the COVID-19 infection “(maybe) seemed manufactured within a laboratory,” according to communications. Alarmed, Fauci increased his d ... Read More.
Remember When This Country Built Things? Will We Ever Return To That Freedom?
Politicians originally thought their job was to improve our country, so we have national parks, great infrastructure, a strong military, amazing projects like the Hoover dam, and more. Now we have fake ... Read More.
Joe Biden Is Dividing Our Forces While Bejing Is Ramping Their's Up
The Biden administration divides U.S. forces between Europe and the Pacific, reducing the already insufficient capabilities to prevent or beat China in a Taiwan battle. The U.S. Air Force and Navy requ ... Read More.

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