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Elon Musk: Ready to Fight Zuckerberg, But Silent on China's Totalitarianism and Genocide
Although Mr. Musk readily criticizes Mr. Zuckerberg at any given opportunity, he has refrained from expressing similar candidness towards the alarming actions of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, such as tota ... Read More.
When You're Explaining, You Losing; DeSantis Stalls Six Weeks Into Campaign
People close to Ron DeSantis say there is no panic, but donors have expressed concern, sources say. A super PAC spokesman for the governor, Steve Cortes, made unflattering comments about being “way beh ... Read More.
Justice Department Preparing Superseding Indictment Against Donald Trump, Sources Say
Special Jack Smith’s alternative plan could have more significant repercussions than the current indictment against former president Donald Trump. The Justice Department is reportedly preparing a super ... Read More.
NH Trump Supporter: This Guy Has Fought Battles, Upon Battles, Upon Battles for Us — and He’s Still Here
For many voters who showed up to hear Donald Trump’s speech at a GOP women’s luncheon this week, the primary was essentially over. Don’t even inquire about anyone else, said Suzanne Pesaresi, a 62-year ... Read More.
Behind the Beltway Press Corps' Coverage: Hunter Biden's Plea Deal Controversy Uncovered
IRS whistleblowers reveal shocking interference from Biden’s team, conflicts of interest, and preferential treatment in handling tax investigations. House Ways and Means Committee chairman releases tes ... Read More.
The Bidens Must Be Tickled Pink Over Hunter Biden's Plea Deal And No Jail Time
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and conservatives have criticized Hunter Biden’s “sweetheart deal” plea bargain, calling it a “traffic ticket.” They argue that it exposes the “two-tiered” justice system, ... Read More.
Trump Pleads Not Guilty Amid Controversy: Calls Accusations 'Disgusting Misuse of Power'
Donald Trump pleaded not guilty after being accused of illegally keeping and disclosing sensitive materials. Following his Miami court appearance, he criticized the prosecution for bringing the case ag ... Read More.
The Trump Treatment: A Warning for All Americans And Their Freedoms Moving Forward
The major issue at hand goes beyond one election. If the Left can treat Trump like this, they can do it to any American. What’s to stop them from using similar strategies against anyone who disagrees w ... Read More.
"Operation Destroy Freedom": The Latest Ambush on American Democracy by Power-Hungry Democrats
Because Biden can’t effectively campaign against Trump, the current front-runner among Republicans, he is arming the federal government to do so. His actions, supported by a dishonest political system ... Read More.
The Double Standard: Comparing Clinton and Biden's Handling of Documents to Trump's Indictment
The Department’s Friday unsealing of a 37-count indictment against former President Donald Trump relating to his handling of sensitive data has reignited concerns that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden wer ... Read More.
FBI Source Claims Burisma Paid Biden to Halt Ukraine Prosecutor Investigation
This controversial news alleges that a Burisma executive paid Joe Biden a $5 million bribe while he was vice president, according to an informant who notified the FBI. Read on for more details. ... Read More.
UFO Crash Cover-up? Whistleblower Allegations Raise Questions About Secret Retrieval Programs!
According to shocking reports, a whistleblower’s allegations of an unlawful government UFO crash recovery and exploitation attempt were deemed “credible and urgent” by the strong internal investigating ... Read More.
Unbelievable But True: How U.S. Schools Fail to Stop Child Predators
The Defence of Freedom Institute’s recent research outlines allegations of teachers abusing students, and having their records cleared before being transferred to new jobs, where abuse persisted. Dismi ... Read More.
Stay in Your Lane or Go Broke: Conservative Movement's Message to Corporations
The phrase “Go Woke, Go Broke” has gained traction in recent times and is proving particularly relevant now. Companies that promote the Left’s pride propaganda are witnessing significant drops in reven ... Read More.
Just How Rogue Is The FBI? Director Ignores House Oversight Committee Subpoena
After missing yet another date set forth in the subpoena, FBI Director Christopher Wray is now being charged with contempt for his refusal to turn over a document purportedly outlining a “criminal sche ... Read More.

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