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So, Nobody’s Going To Say Anything About Biden Poking China To War?
US President Joe Biden said “yes” to a question about whether US service members would be employed to protect Taiwan in the case of a Chinese assault during an interview with CBS 60 minutes on Sunday, ... Read More.
Midterms 2022: America Can’t Begin To Move Forward If Same Government Is Left Unchecked
Republicans continue to paint with pastels rather than bright hues. Even the gravely risky “Respect for Marriage Act” has failed to elicit unified GOP opposition despite its oxymoronic name. Mitch McCo ... Read More.
Durham Exposing FBI And Their Russian Informant, The Plot Just Thickens And Stinks More!
In his case involving false statements against Igor Danchenko, the main informant in Christopher Steele’s dossier on Donald Trump, special counsel John Durham submitted a pre-trial petition in summary ... Read More.
Americans Are Feeling This Biden Economy And It’s Not Bringing Happy Faces
The picture for U.S. equities and bonds is becoming even more gloomier as predictions for how quickly the Federal Reserve will need to hike rates soar due to hot inflation. After the Fed hiked rates by ... Read More.
Why Are Most Conservative Media Quiet About The World Economic Forum And Its Agenda?
On the Wayne Dupree Podcast, we speak about this all the time, while trying to educated our listeners about this evil conglomerate that many feel control our leaders. But rarely do you hear top conserv ... Read More.
Free Speech Is Definitely Under Attack As Social Media Platforms, Government Are In Bed
One lingering concern in the era of social media is how and why online venues like Facebook and Twitter decide to “regulate” speech, as well as whether or not the government is pressuring them to do mo ... Read More.
Enough With These Midterm Republicans Saboteurs! We’ve Got To Be Smarter About GOP Leaders!
As November approaches, Republicans are becoming increasingly concerned that they may lose their momentum just as they are on the verge of regaining control of the House of Representatives and the Unit ... Read More.
Biden Continues To Cross Dangerous Line By Ramping Up Rhetoric Against Republicans
Political experts claim that Joe Biden has adopted a dangerous tactic by demonizing “MAGA Republicans” ahead of the midterm elections. They claim that although the escalation in language may energize t ... Read More.
Are You Having Anxiety Over The Election Integrity Of The 2022 Midterms? Should You?
Americans will choose a brand-new House of Representatives and one-third of a brand-new United States Senate in less than two months. Voters will have their first official chance to comment on Presiden ... Read More.
Hey America! Biden Now Claims He Didn’t Say MAGA Republicans Were Threat To Democracy
On Thursday, an out-of-control President Joe Biden intimated that about half of the American electorate was either a threat to democracy or collaborating with them, standing in front of a menacing Inde ... Read More.
America, Your Country Is On The Brink; What Are You Going To Do?
Who are you going to trust, me or your lying eyes, as one of the most famous ever puts it? It appears that more of our political leaders are urging—or perhaps even commanding—Americans to disregard the ... Read More.

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