Texas Jury Awards $1.2 Billion in Revenge Porn Case
A woman, who claims to have fallen victim to revenge pornography perpetrated by a former romantic partner, has been granted a substantial sum of $1.2 billion by a Texas jury. The ... Watch Now.
Unprecedented Trial Date Set: Former President Trump and Co-Defendants Face Fulton County District Attorney's Allegations
Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis asserts that the proposed date would not disrupt Trump’s other legal matters. The Democratic frontrunner has been indicted in three other criminal cases, inc ... Read More.
Trump Claims Intentional Indictment: Accused of Election Overturn Efforts in Georgia
What were the reasons for the delay in issuing an indictment 2.5 years ago? “Due to their deliberate timing amidst my ongoing political campaign,” Trump stated on Truth Social. The charges pertain to t ... Read More.
Trump's 2024 Campaign Raises Questions on DA's "Black Panther" Ties Amidst Indictment Drama
Donald Trump was unjustly charged with 13 alleged felonies on Monday, which include baseless accusations of violating the Georgia RICO Act, filing documents that were later proven to be accurate, makin ... Read More.
Indictment of Former President Donald Trump and 18 Others: Alleged Conspiracy to Overturn 2020 Election
Donald Trump and Mark Meadows allegedly collaborated to instruct John McEntee, a longtime aide, to interfere with and prolong the Jan. 6, 2021, joint session of Congress, which aimed to validate the vi ... Read More.
Live TV? Former US President's Criminal Charges Might Play Out on TV
It appears that the Georgia case may now permit the use of video evidence. The Messenger report suggests that a portion of the indictment could potentially be broadcasted. “If a grand jury presents an ... Read More.
Journalism Under Fire: Lawsuit Exposes Threats to Freedom of the Press in White House
The complaint highlights the White House’s decision to implement more rigorous standards for press credentials in May 2023, which has raised concerns about potential violations of Ateba’s First Amendme ... Read More.
American Soldier Faces Grave Charges in Mysterious Death of Wife
An American soldier by the name of Zarrius Hildabrand finds himself facing grave charges of first-degree murder and tampering with evidence in connection with the untimely demise of his wife, Saria Hil ... Watch Now.
Orange County Judge Jeffrey Ferguson Faces Murder Charges in Alleged Shooting Incident Involving Wife
Orange County judge Jeffrey Ferguson is facing charges of murder following the alleged shooting incident involving his wife, Sheryl Ferguson. According to prosecutors, Ferguson allegedly communicated w ... Watch Now.
Illinois Breaks New Ground with Law Protecting Child Influencers: Prioritizing Safety in the Digital Age
In move, the state of Illinois has become the first in the nation to pass a law dedicated to safeguarding children influencers. This pioneering legislation aims to shield children from the potential da ... Read More.
Tragic Shooting in Chicago: Man Charged for Targeting Innocent 9-Year-Old Girl
According to a neighbor and witness, the young child was riding her scooter shortly before she was shot in the head. According to the neighbor and other witnesses, it was confirmed that Goodman alleged ... Watch Now.
Burger King Employee Goes Viral: 27 Years of Perfect Attendance in Las Vegas Airport
Kevin Ford, a dedicated employee at a Burger King restaurant situated within the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, gained widespread attention last year. He shared that throughout his impres ... Watch Now.
The Impact of a 2024 Trump Win: MSNBC Host Will Quit Show
According to author Donny Deutsch, during a conversation with Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, he expressed a belief that if Donald Trump were to win, it would have significant implications, rendering ... Read More.
California of Education Urges School District to Reconsider Gender Identity Notification Proposal
During the school board meeting held on Thursday night, a policy was approved by a majority vote of 3-2. One of the school board members, Nicolas Pardue, expressed his support for the policy, emphasizi ... Read More.
Public Opinion: 55% Firmly Against, 45% in Favor - Should U.S. Congress Fund Ukraine?
Based on the compelling results, it is evident that a majority of 55% of respondents firmly believe that the U.S. Congress should refrain from authorizing additional funding to support Ukraine. Convers ... Read More.

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