Tragic Mass Shooting in Lewiston, Maine: Deadliest in State History and Impact on Deaf Community
Tragic mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine last week marked as deadliest in state history. Advocates for the deaf community suggest it may be the deadliest in their community in the US. ... Watch Now.
Tragic Incident in Maine: Manhunt Ended Afterr Suspect Found Deceased in Apparent Suicide
Robert Card, the individual responsible for a tragic incident in which a minimum of 18 lives were lost and numerous others were injured in Maine, has been discovered deceased as a result of an apparent ... Watch Now.
Suspect in Murder of Maryland Judge Found Dead Following Custody Case Ruling
Officials announced on Thursday that a man who was being sought in connection with the murder of a Maryland judge has been discovered deceased. The judge had previously ruled against the man in a child ... Watch Now.
Former Lawmaker Behind 'Don't Say Gay' Law Gets Prison Sentence for COVID-19 Aid Fraud
Joe Harding, a former Florida state lawmaker, gained notoriety for his involvement in the enactment of a contentious law known as “don’t say gay.” Harding has been sentenced to prison for engaging in f ... Read More.
[WATCH] Sidney Powell Pleads Guilty: Agrees To Testify In Future Trials As Part Of Plea Deal
Sidney Powell, an election lawyer linked to Donald Trump’s Georgia election case, recently pleaded guilty to misdemeanors related to a conspiracy to potentially interfere in the 2020 election. She admi ... Watch Now.
Broward Sheriff's Office Scandal: Cash Crime Scheme Unveiled During COVID-19 Pandemic | 50-70 Involved
Numerous Broward Sheriff’s Office employees, including deputies, have allegedly been involved in a complex cash crime scheme Protection Program loans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Investigative reporte ... Watch Now.
Morgan State University Cancels Homecoming Activities After Shooting Incident: A Setback for Baltimore HBCUs
Due to a shooting incident, Morgan State University in Baltimore has cancelled the majority of its homecoming activities for this week. Other activities have been postponed. The incident resulted in fi ... Watch Now.
Disturbing Revelation: Holly Willoughby Unexpectedly Taken Off Air After Sinister Plot Unveiled
Holly Willoughby, host of ITV’s “This Morning,” was taken off the air after receiving distressing news from the Metropolitan police. A suspect named Gavin Plumb had planned to harm her with sadistic in ... Watch Now.
Devastating Medication Mixup: Las Vegas Woman's Tragic Pregnancy Loss Sparks CVS Controversy
Timika Thomas of Las Vegas raised awareness about a devastating medication mixup at CVS that led to the unintended termination of her desired pregnancy. Previous experiences with two ectopic pregnancie ... Watch Now.
PA State Trooper Charged with False Imprisonment and Unlawful Admission: A Shocking Case of Abuse of Power
In Pennsylvania, a State Police trooper who is married has been charged with false imprisonment. The trooper is accused of forcefully detaining his ex-girlfriend and unlawfully admitting her to a menta ... Watch Now.
Justice Served: Conviction in Heartbreaking Case of Murdered Teen and Unborn Child
Johnathan Quiles has been convicted of first-degree murder in the unfortunate and heartbreaking case involving the death of his pregnant niece, Iyana Sawyer. The recent delivery of the verdict has prov ... Watch Now.
[WATCH] These Individuals Should Have Known Running From The Law Was Not A Good Idea
There are several intellectual reasons why it is not advisable to run from the police. At the trial level, the assistant district attorney, also known as the prosecutor, has the opportunity to invoke t ... Watch Now.
[WATCH] When Bad Cops Realize They've Been Arrested
The notion that a person being interrogated should display grief or concern upon learning about someone is death as an indicator of their guilt has always been a point of contention for me. However, wh ... Watch Now.
Controversial Allegations: Flight Attendant Accused of Secretly Capturing Teen's Privacy; Parents Angry
The concerned guardians of an adolescent female, who happened to be aboard an American Airlines flight traversing from Charlotte, North Carolina to Boston, Massachusetts, assert that a singular flight ... Read More.
Justice Prevails: After 25 Years, Innocent Man Jesse Johnson Walks Free
Jesse Johnson’s release after 25 years of maintaining innocence. Wrongfully convicted in Salem’s murder case. Death sentence overturned, no retrial pursued by prosecutors. ... Watch Now.

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