Nikki Haley Targeted in Disturbing "Swatting" Incident: Caller Claims Suicide Threat
Nikki Haley targeted in a second “swatting” incident shortly after a previous one, involving concerning claims of self-harm. Get the details on this disturbing incident. ... Read More.
New Hampshire Soldier Admits to Decades-Long Wheelchair Benefit Scam
A soldier from New Hampshire has acknowledged lying about needing a wheelchair for 20 years in order to collect almost $660,000 in benefits that he was not eligible for. On Thursday, Christopher Stultz ... Watch Now.
Cardinal Gerald Lacroix Accused of Sexual Assault: Lawsuit Expands to 46 Victims
Canadian Cardinal Gerald Lacroix, a top advisor to Pope Francis, faces a class-action complaint alleging sexual assault of two women in the late 1980s. The lawsuit now includes 46 victims and over a do ... Read More.
Cleaner Cleared: Accused of Spiking Coffee with Viagra, but Claims Set-up
Woman accused of tampering with colleagues’ coffee with Viagra acquitted after claiming framing. Karen Beale, 62, acquitted after 5-year wait for trial. ... Read More.
Trump's Brief Stand in Defamation Trial: Protecting Himself, Family, and Presidency
Donald Trump finally appeared in court for the damages trial resulting from a defamation case filed by E. Jean Carroll. Surprisingly, his time on the stand was incredibly brief. According to the Washin ... Read More.
Alabama Executes Convicted Murderer Using Nitrogen Gas: A New Era in Capital Punishment
Alabama carries out execution using nitrogen gas, marking a new method for capital punishment. First of its kind in the world, despite objections. Details on Kenneth Eugene Smith’s case and the Supreme ... Read More.
Colorado Pastor Allegedly Defrauds Congregation of Millions in Cryptocurrency Scam
Colorado pastor accused of defrauding congregation of millions in cryptocurrency scam for lavish lifestyle. NBC News reports on the shocking allegations and the acknowledgment from the pastor himself. ... Watch Now.
Mysterious Deaths Surrounding Kansas City Chiefs Game Raise Questions
Relatives question the friend’s account after three frozen bodies are found outside a Kansas City house. The victims’ families believe the men committed suicide while visiting the residence to watch a ... Watch Now.
Arrest Made in Decade-Long Investigation: Philadelphia Man Charged in Hilltown Township Homicide
The death of 48-year-old Joseph Canazaro in his Hilltown Township home in 2013 has led to the arrest and charging of a man from Philadelphia. The Hilltown Township Police Department conducted a ten-yea ... Watch Now.
Man Arrested in Houston for Child Sex Charges After Disturbing Tapes Surface
Following the release of tapes purportedly depicting him and six other men sexually abusing two children in a public lavatory, federal police in Houston have detained a man on child sex charges. ... Watch Now.
Shocking Incident Involving Congresswoman's Ex-Husband Who Was Arrested For Incident With Son
An arrest warrant has been issued, detailing a distressing incident involving Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s ex-husband, Jayson Boebert. Allegedly, Jayson forcefully slammed his 18-year-old son and cov ... Read More.
Texas Father Takes Drastic Action to Protect Daughter: Shoots Alleged Sexual Assaulter
As per Houston Police Department officials, a Texas father took action on Friday night (January 5) after discovering that the 30-year-old stepfather had allegedly sexually assaulted his 12-year-old dau ... Watch Now.
Former Student Teacher Ordered to Undergo Treatment Program for 3 Inappropriate Relationships with 14-Year-Old Student; No Jail Time
A former student teacher who engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a student was ordered to undergo a six-month treatment program. Ana D’Ettorre will be required to register as a Tier II sex of ... Watch Now.
Tragic Miscarriage Leads to Shocking Abuse Corpse Charge for Ohio Woman
A mother from Ohio is now facing criminal charges for allegedly abusing the remains of her kid, even though she had an unplanned miscarriage. According to experts, the grand jury in Ohio is now debatin ... Watch Now.
Wild Teens Throw Punch at Florida Fish and Wildlife Officers, Leading to Arrest of Captain
A gang of adolescents threw a punch at Florida Fish and Wildlife Officers while they were on patrol.This obviously caused the cops to get agitated, and as a result, they conducted a safety check on the ... Watch Now.

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