Special Counsel Jack Smith Requests Swift Trial, Defying Former President's Deadline by 6 Days
In a move that underscores the need of a swift trial, special counsel Jack Smith beat the former president’s deadline by six days by asking the Supreme Court to deny Trump’s emergency petition to postp ... Read More.
Frantic Speaker Mike Johnson Grapples with Strategy to Maintain Position Amidst Foreign Aid Bill Drama
Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) faces the challenge of maintaining his position as speaker and appeasing the right wing of his party amidst the Senate’s foreign aid bill reaching the House. He must also na ... Read More.
Mayorkas Impeachment: House Votes Split by a Single Vote in Favor of Impeaching Homeland Security Chief
US House votes to remove Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, holding Biden administration accountable for US-Mexico border management. House Republicans seize second chance after previous p ... Read More.
House Democrat Suggests Temporary Removal of Speaker to Pass $95B Foreign Assistance Bill
A House Democrat said Tuesday that Republican legislators who support a Senate-passed foreign assistance package may temporarily remove Speaker Mike Johnson to vote on the $95 billion bill. ... Read More.
House Dems Vow to Push for Vote Against Speaker Johnson's Will: Would Require Just a Few Republicans
Democrats criticize Trump and House Republicans for rejecting $95.3B national defense proposal, endangering country. House Democrats plan rare procedural step to force vote. ... Read More.
Supreme Court Gives Special Counsel Jack Smith a Week to Respond to Trump's Trial Postponement Plea
Former President Trump’s plea to postpone his federal trial sparks a response. Supreme Court grants special counsel Jack Smith a week to reply. Stay updated on the latest developments. ... Read More.
Jared Kushner Would Reject Return To WH If Asked: Commits to Business Instead
Jared Kushner, former top advisor and son-in-law of Donald Trump, stated that he would reject Trump’s request to take office again in November. Even if Trump secures the 2024 nomination, Kushner is com ... Read More.
Schumer Urges Johnson to Vote on $60B for Ukraine After Senate Triumph
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) wasted little time in pressing Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) to put the $60 billion for Ukraine up for a vote in the House, after the Senate’s triumph with ... Read More.
House Speaker Mike Johnson Slams Senate Over Border Security, Calls Out $95B Military Measure for Ukraine Offensive
Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson (R-LA) chastised the Senate on Monday for its disregard for border security as it readied a $95 billion military measure that would finance the offe ... Read More.
Biden Declines Cognitive Test for Upcoming Physical; Doctor Deems It Unnecessary
As concerns about Joe Biden’s mental health have been raised, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at Monday’s White House news briefing that Biden would not be undergoing a cognitive test as part o ... Read More.
Kamala Harris: 'I'm Ready to Serve' Amid GOP's Focus on VP's Readiness after Special Counsel's Report
Discover how Vice President Kamala Harris addresses a delicate question from The Wall Street Journal regarding her readiness to serve as president. Get insights into her response and preparedness. ... Read More.
Trump Urges SCOTUS to Extend Delay, Files Emergency Appeal in Election Interference Trial
Donald Trump is seeking an extension from the Supreme Court to prolong the trial regarding his alleged interference in the election. He argues that he is immune from prosecution, claiming that he did n ... Read More.
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Hospitalized: Pentagon Flags "Emergent Bladder Problem"
According to the Pentagon, symptoms suggesting a “emergent bladder problem” led to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization on Sunday. All his supervisors understood how to do things this time. ... Read More.
Senate Procedural Vote Approves $60B for Ukraine, but Will House Republicans Resistance Derail It?
A significant vote on a US foreign assistance package, including $60 billion for Ukraine, faces resistance from right-wing Republicans. Learn how the plan could impact vital allies like Taiwan and Isra ... Read More.
GOP Defector Calls It Quits! Lawmaker Resigns After Voting Against Impeachment
Representative Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin announced his resignation from Congress on Saturday. Gallagher deviated from the Republican Party on Tuesday’s impeachment vote, which put him in danger of a ... Read More.

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