Rep. Cori Bush Drafts Proposal To Pay Black Americans With Slavery Ancestry - Millions!!
Check this out: Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) just put forward a $14 trillion reparations movement for black people whose ancestors were enslaved. And get this - it’s all happening as states and cities across ... Read More.
House Freshman Drafts Proposal To Remove Impeachment Architect Adam Schiff After Durham Findings Released
Anna Paulina Luna, a Republican Representative from Florida, introduced a resolution to expel Democratic Representative Adam Schiff from Congress. Schiff, who chaired the House Intelligence Committee a ... Read More.
Bi-Partisan House Votes To Send George Santos Case To Ethics Committee For Review
Democrats who wanted to quickly remove Santos from the House received a setback when the House voted 221-204 to forward the motion to the Ethics Committee. Instead, House Republicans introduced a motio ... Read More.
Court Blocks NYC Mayor Adams' Plan to Transport Migrants Upstate
As the city grapples with managing a wave of new arrivals, a New York judge has blocked Mayor Eric Adams from busing migrants to a neighboring municipality. In May, the city decided to send the first g ... Read More.
LGBTQ Advocate KJP Blasts State Bans On Transgender Treatments for Children
While speaking with Jezebel at the GLAAD Media Awards, Jean-Pierre shared how many parents of trans children with whom she has met expressed feelings of uncertainty and the need to potentially relocate ... Read More.
Mainstream Media Covers Durham Report Literally; Dismisses As Nothingburger
“Durham’s whole thing is predicated on it’s like a rabbit-hole conspiracy that suggests that the Trump-Barr paranoia infected his ability to stand back and evaluate whether the probe yielded guilty con ... Read More.
Members Of House Democrats Won't Even Honor Fallen Law Enforcement Officers
Resolution honouring “law enforcement officers across the United States in pursuit of preserving safe and secure communities” and “continual unseen acts of sacrifice and heroism” for National Police We ... Read More.
Lawmakers, Former Intel Officials React Angrily To FBI Trump-Russia Investigation FIndings By John Durham
On Monday, after the release of Special Counsel John Durham’s report on the beginnings of the Trump-Russia investigation, lawmakers and former intelligence officials reacted angrily. The report claimed ... Read More.
CNN's Jake Tapper Calls Durham Report Results Damning For FBI and DOJ
Jake Tapper of CNN broke down some of the most important findings from the investigation conducted during the Trump administration into the beginnings of the FBI’s inquiry into Trump’s 2016 campaign ti ... Read More.
Biden's Secretary Of State To Face Congressional Contempt If He Doesn't Produce Documents
On Monday, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) announced that his panel would vote the following week on whether to hold Secretary of State Antony Blinken in contempt of C ... Read More.
Yellen Continues To Raise Awareness Of National Default June 1st Deadline
The nation has until June 1 to come to an agreement to prevent a national default, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reaffirmed on Monday. According to The Hill, she wrote lawmakers on Monday that if Con ... Read More.
Biden Once Again Raises "White Supremacy" As Huge U.S. Problem During HBCU University Speech
At the historically Black university in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Joe Biden stated, “The harsh reality of racism has long torn us apart.” “It’s a fight. Although it’s never truly gone, on the best ... Read More.
California Democrat Delivers Brutal Truth About Reparations: Don't Expect Millions
California Democratic state senator Steven Bradford’s statement follows the California Reparations Task Force’s weekend recommendation that the state compensate each qualified Black person with up to $ ... Read More.
Fox News Takes Adversarial Tone With Rep. Comer Over His Biden/CCP Connection Claims
Fox News: There is no evidence to support your claim. You have some evidence that points in the right direction. The second point is that Joe Biden is the only one of those names who didn’t benefit, an ... Read More.
2020 Biden Campaign Allegedly Used Letter Signed By 51-Top Former Officials To Bury Hunter Biden Laptop Story
An ex-CIA analyst who signed the letter allegedly told the committee that he learned of the statement and the request to sign it from a phone call from a CIA employee associated with the Prepublication ... Read More.

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