Ron DeSantis Finally Joins Donald Trump In Possible Pardons for Capitol Hill Protesters
On his inaugural day, Ron DeSantis proposed assembling a committee to scrutinize cases and pardon victims of partisan targeting. The governor alleged that organizations aligned with the Biden administr ... Read More.
IRS Whistleblower Cuts Ties with Congressional Committee, Claims Obstruction in Hunter Biden Tax Probe
Gary Shapley, an IRS criminal investigator, has brought the Biden administration under scrutiny once again by severing ties with a crucial congressional committee. Shapley had accused several Justice D ... Read More.
House Ditches Washington in Debt Ceiling Tussle: McCarthy, Biden Still Seeks Compromise
As debt ceiling negotiations continue, House members take a much-needed break. Hoping to avoid disaster before the June 1 deadline, there’s a proposal to increase the debt limit on the table. Despite d ... Read More.
Biden's DOE Goes AWOL When Asked To Explain Giving Billions To Companies Tied To CCP
The U.S. House Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee is investigating Biden’s DOE, who are granting hundreds of millions to organizations linked to the Chinese Communist Party. Are these organization ... Read More.
Swalwell Cleared By Bi-Partisan House Ethics Committee's 2-Year Investigation Into Affair With Chinese Spy
Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) was under a two-year investigation by the House Ethics Committee over meetings with an alleged Chinese agent. The committee recently finished its inquiry and decided not t ... Read More.
NAACP's Warning to Black Americans: Think Twice Before Visiting Florida
The NAACP has issued a travel alert, advising people against visiting Florida to protest Gov. Ron DeSantis’ policies that the civil rights group claims are “hostile to black Americans.” With 2024 presi ... Read More.
"Debt Talks Stall, Federal Government Runs Dry: Cash In or Crash Out?"
Debt ceiling negotiations remain stalled between White House and Republican congressional leaders. Despite brief talks resulting in no agreement, many await progress to end the standoff. ... Read More.
"Oops, Wrong Target!" - Farmer Targeted Instead Of Key Al-Qaeda Member With Hellfire Missile
The Pentagon hasn’t released any information about the attack, such as the target’s identity, whether the target escaped, or why they believed Misto was linked to al-Qaeda. Central Command’s spokespers ... Read More.
Russia Bans Barack Obama, Ashli Babbitt's Shooter And 498 More Americans From Entering Their Country
On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry released a list of 500 US citizens barred from entering the country with immediate effect. The list includes Barack Obama, the former US president, and is a reta ... Read More.
FBI's Digital Surveillance Misuse: Nearly 300k Cases of Unwarranted Espionage on US Citizens
On Friday, a court document was made public which revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigations extensively used a spy database while investigating suspects in the January 6th, 2021 assault on the ... Read More.
Busy Legislators! Nebraska Passes 12-Week Abortion Ban and Gender-Affirming Child Care Restrictions
The Nebraska Legislature recently approved a 12-week abortion ban and restrictions on gender-affirming child care. This move has been so polarizing that members from opposite parties are already having ... Read More.
Bill Barr Condemns FBI After Released Durham Report
Former US Attorney General Bill Barr has condemned the FBI in light of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigative report. Barr criticized the agency’s investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign that l ... Read More.
Indiana New Law: Want To Vote By Mail, Identification Must Be Verified
Indiana passes new absentee voting law to streamline process. Under House Bill 1334, residents requesting a mail-in ballot must include identification verification. Options include the last four digits ... Read More.
Florida's Loss Of $1B And 2,000 Jobs: The Fallout of DeSantis' Woke War With Disney
Disney has scrapped its $1 billion plan to build an office in Florida, reportedly due to concerns about the current challenges posed by the state’s governor, Ron DeSantis. In a memo sent to staff, Josh ... Read More.
FBI Allegedly Retaliates Against Whistleblowers Before They Testify Before Congress; Removes Clearances?
Recently, The Federal Bureau of Investigation made the move to revoke top-secret security clearances of three whistleblowers citing “allegiance to the United States” doubts. Jim Jordan, the Chair of th ... Read More.

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