Arizona Governor Rejects Bill to Strengthen Property Owners' Rights Against Squatters
Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs rejects proposed legislation from both parties to enhance property owners’ rights against squatters. ... Read More.
Republicans Probing Financial Firms for Alleged Spying on Americans Post January 6 Uproar
Republicans in Congress are investigating into at least 13 financial companies for allegedly working with the government to spy on Americans in the wake of the January 6 demonstrations in an effort to ... Read More.
Republicans Indicted in Arizona for Election Conspiracy: Giuliani and Meadows Among Those Charged
Eighteen Republicans, including Rudy Giuliani and Mark Meadows, indicted for conspiracy, fraud, and forgery in Arizona. ... Read More.
Secret Service Scuffle: Altercation Erupts Amongst Detail Protecting VP Harris
On Monday morning, a significant altercation broke out between a number of Secret Service members tasked with securing Vice President Kamala Harris, according to the agency. ... Read More.
Biden Supports Free Speech on US Campuses Amid Protests Against Israel's Gaza Attack
The White House said on Wednesday that President Joe Biden is in favor of free speech on US campuses in light of the growing number of college students who are opposing Israel’s attack in Gaza. Protest ... Read More.
Arizona House Votes to Repeal 1864 Abortion Law: Historic Move Sees Bipartisan Support
Arizona House votes 32-28 to repeal 1864 abortion ban, excluding cases to save the mother’s life. Three Republicans align with Democrats in the decision. ... Read More.
Trump Praises House Speaker Mike Johnson: "A Very Good Person Trying Very Hard"
House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., received praise from former President Donald Trump, who said that Johnson is “a very good person” and that he is “trying very hard.” He made these remarks on Monday n ... Read More.
Senate Passes $95B Foreign Aid Bill with TikTok Ban, Secures Funding for Taiwan, Israel, and Ukraine
Late on Tuesday night, the Senate passed a $95 billion foreign assistance package that included a ban on TikTok in the United States. This was a significant victory for Congress and secured funds for T ... Watch Now.
Senators Call for National Guard Protection of Jewish American Students from Anti-Israel Protests
Sens. Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton urged President Biden to deploy the National Guard in response to pro-terrorist, anti-Israel protests on college campuses in order to safeguard Jewish American students ... Read More.
Rep. Ilhan Omar's Daughter Claims Hardship After College Suspension; No Where To Go And No Food
Following her suspension from Barnard College for participating in anti-Israel rallies at Columbia University last week, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter, a Democrat from Minnesota, claims she has nowhere to ... Read More.
CIA Faces Criticism Over Handling of Sexual Misconduct Complaints
The CIA’s handling of complaints of sexual misconduct within its ranks has come under fire from a congressional committee on Monday. ... Watch Now.
House Speaker Mike Johnson: Defends Ukraine Aid Passage Despite Imperfections
Insisting that “history will judge it well,” Representative Mike Johnson (R-La.) justified his supervision of the Ukraine assistance package’s approval, claiming it was in line with the “will” of the H ... Read More.
Los Angeles Mayor Safe After Early-Morning Break-In: Suspect Apprehended
Los Angeles mayor safe after early-morning break-in at official residence. Suspect arrested. No harm to mayor or family. ... Read More.
Lawyer of Stormy Daniels Might Testify Against Her from Behind Bars; He's Ready To Go!
The former lawyer for adult entertainer Stephanie Clifford, popularly known as Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, has indicated that he has been in contact with the legal team of former President Donald ... Read More.
Greene Dodges Questions on House Speaker's Fate, But Claims Johnson Speakership Will Be Ending
Maria Bartiromo, anchor of “Sunday Morning Futures,” then questioned Greene about whether she intended to proceed with her request to vacate, which she had proposed earlier this month. She has not yet ... Read More.

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