McCarthy Scoffs At Biden Floating Idea To Use 14th Amendment On Debt Ceiling
On Tuesday, Joe Biden revealed that he has been considering using the 14th Amendment to circumvent Congress and raise the debt ceiling unilaterally, while he admitted that this is not a short-term solu ... Read More.
With Few Days Left As Chicago Mayor, Lightfoot Declares State Of Emergency Ahead of Title 42 End
According to border watchers, the situation will get worse this week. Thursday marks the end of Title 42, which permitted the government to deny asylum to people based on concerns for the public’s heal ... Read More.
Rep. George Santos Criminally Charged By DOJ; Will Appear In Federal Court
During the 2022 midterm elections, George Santos was able to take a competitive congressional district and turn it. But soon after, he came under fire for campaign remarks that exaggerated his credenti ... Read More.
Congress Meets With IRS Whistleblower Over Hunter Biden Investigation
According to two sources with knowledge of the situation, the lawyer for the IRS whistleblower who claims that the Justice Department interfered with and handled the Hunter Biden criminal investigation ... Read More.
CBO Releases Report That Biden Has Already Spent A Trillion Dollars During FY23
The senators stated in a letter opposing a hike in the debt ceiling that “our economy is in free fall due to unsustainable fiscal policies,” according to CNN. Fiscal reforms are necessary to stop this ... Read More.
North Dakota Governor Signs Bill Prohibiting Mandating Of Pronouns In Public Schools And Government Orgs
In a statement, Republican Gov. Doug Burgum said the new legislation “largely codifies existing practices while reaffirming the First Amendment right to free speech… balancing the rights and interests ... Read More.
Texas State Lawmaker Resigns Before Legislative Body Expelled Him Over Affair With Intern
​​​​​​​Rep. Bryan Slaton thanked his colleagues and said it had been an honour to represent his East Texas district in the Legislature. I’m looking forward to spending more time with my young family, a ... Read More.
Americans Appear To Be Worried About Banking Crisis; Memories Of 2008 Financial Crisis Looms
Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, stated, “The US banking system is sound and resilient.” However, large levels of fear among lower-income Americans (about 50% compared to 40% for tho ... Read More.
Texas AG Assures Public He's Looking Into Gender Transitioning Treatments By Texas Medical Facility
Texas AG Ken Paxton told the media: “countless heartbreaking stories of young children who were persuaded to undergo experimental, life-altering procedures and are now filled with regret and health cha ... Read More.
California Board APPROVES Estimated $800B Reparations Package Proposal
In its first decision, the panel authorized a comprehensive description of historical discrimination against Black Californians in a variety of contexts, including voting, housing, education, dispropor ... Read More.
Ron DeSantis Claims He's Stopped Disney From Opposing His Policies Publicly
DeSantis singled out Disney after industry leaders protested his so-called “Don’t Say Gay” ordinance, which he had already signed into law. The law prohibited sexual topics from being spoken in class f ... Read More.
Rep. Comer: They Know Biden Is Corrupt But Hatred For Trump Far Outweighs Accountability
“These people know the Bidens are corrupt, but their hatred for Donald Trump far outweighs anything that would matter with respect to national security and that would matter with respect to determining ... Read More.
Scott Breaks From McConnell; Senate Republican Should Participate In Spending Debt Fight
Then let’s make it better, Scott said. “We need to participate in this. To for Joe Biden to sign anything, the Senate will need 60 votes, the majority in the House, and the vote. Therefore, we must all ... Read More.
2024 Dem Presidential Candidate RFK JR Condemns Attack On Russian Kremlin | WH Still Silent
President John Kennedy issued a warning against ever again making Russia choose between nuclear war and humiliation after the Cuban Missile Crisis was successfully resolved. We need to take his counsel ... Read More.
WH Claims They Encouraged Ukraine Not To Attack Russian Territory After Giving Them The Weapons To Do It
Since the beginning of Moscow’s military action in Ukraine last year, Ukrainian troops have conducted many strikes into Russian territory. As Secretary of State Antony Blinken said after a drone strike ... Read More.

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