NY Judge's Shock Ruling: Trump's Real Estate Empire Built on Fraud
Judge Engoron ruled in a civil lawsuit filed by the New York attorney general. The former president and his company were found guilty of deceptive practices, including inflating asset values and exagge ... Read More.
McCarthy Announces Plan to Keep $300M Ukraine Aid In Pentagon Funding Bill: Find Out Why
During a press conference held in the Capitol, Speaker Kevin McCarthy informed reporters about his decision to retain the $300 million of Ukraine aid within the bill. He explained that he arrived at th ... Read More.
Senator Menendez Indicted Again: $480k Cash Found in Residence, Second Bribery Charge in Six Years
In June 2022, federal agents conducted a search on the residence of the New Jersey senator as stated in the indictment. During this search, they discovered what is being referred to as the “fruits” of ... Watch Now.
President's Autoworker Meetings: A Clash in Detroit!
Critics have raised concerns about President Biden’s level of support for striking autoworkers, despite his claims of being one of the most pro-union presidents in recent history. On Friday, the presid ... Read More.
McCarthy Urges Quick Action on Spending Bill Amid Time Crunch
Mr. McCarthy, a Republican representative from California, has expressed his intention to promote a short-term spending measure in the coming week. The purpose of this measure is to provide legislators ... Read More.
Democrat Gov. Murphy Urges Democrat Sen. Menendez to Step Down Amid Bribery Charges
In light of Sen. Robert Menendez’s indictment on bribery charges, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has expressed his concern and is urging Menendez to step down from his position. Murphy finds the allegatio ... Read More.
President Biden's Response to Impeachment Inquiry Leaves Reporters Curious: "Lots of Luck"
On Sunday, as President Biden made his way back to the White House after a weekend spent in Wilmington, Delaware, reporters eagerly sought to obtain answers by shouting questions at him. One individual ... Read More.
Patriotic Or Selfish? Pelosi Announces Plan To Seek Another Term
This comes after Nancy Pelosi had previously stepped away from any potential leadership position in Congress last fall. In a recent message posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, the individual emphas ... Read More.
DeSantis: They Didn't Target Me At Last GOP Debate Because I Have A Record Of Success
When considering my experience on the stage, it is worth mentioning that one of the factors that may have contributed to me not being targeted as much as anticipated is my track record of achievements. ... Read More.
Republican House Judiciary Chairman Signals Possible Biden Impeachment Probe
Jim Jordan, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, hints at an upcoming impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden. Stay updated on the latest developments surrounding the Biden family cont ... Read More.
Trump Claims Intentional Indictment: Accused of Election Overturn Efforts in Georgia
What were the reasons for the delay in issuing an indictment 2.5 years ago? “Due to their deliberate timing amidst my ongoing political campaign,” Trump stated on Truth Social. The charges pertain to t ... Read More.
Orange County Judge Jeffrey Ferguson Faces Murder Charges in Alleged Shooting Incident Involving Wife
Orange County judge Jeffrey Ferguson is facing charges of murder following the alleged shooting incident involving his wife, Sheryl Ferguson. According to prosecutors, Ferguson allegedly communicated w ... Watch Now.
"Hillary Clinton's Fiery Tweet Targets Republicans: How Hot is it for You?"
“How hot is it for you? Thank a Republican who is MAGA,” Hillary Clinton tweeted. “Or even better, remove them from office,” She then provided a link to a graphic that listed several alarmist headlines ... Read More.
Hunter Biden: Court Demands Employment, Sobriety, and Drug Testing
Judge Noreika mandated that Hunter Biden obtain employment, abstain from alcohol consumption, refrain from using or possessing drugs, and, if requested to do so by pretrial services or law enforcement, ... Read More.
China Sends Dozens of Warplanes Towards Taiwan in Bold Display Ahead of Planned Military Drills
The island’s Defense Ministry reported on Saturday that China had sent dozens of warplanes, including fighter jets and bombers, toward Taiwan. This was a bold display just days before the democracy pla ... Read More.

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